A list of resources for Node.js Newbies!
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A list of resources for Node.js Newbies!

Title URL Description Level of Difficulty*
NodeSchool Learn You Node http://nodeschool.io A command line workshopper course for learning Node.js at your own pace 1
Express.js Fundamentals http://flippinawesome.org/2013/11/11/express-js-fundamentals/ Covers the basics of getting started and core concepts 1
The Art of Node http://github.com/maxogden/art-of-node An introduction to Node.js that includes the command line workshopper Learn You Node and Stream Adventure courses from nodeschool.io 1
Learn to Code http://ifoundthemeaningoflife.com/learntocode Not so much a tutorial as a guide through available tutorials. Path from beginner > JS & Node > intermediate 1
Node.js Fundamentals http://strongloop.com/developers/videos/#a-video-intro-to-nodejs-fundamentals Video explaining Node.js fundamentals 1
Intro to Express.js Parameters, Error Handling and Other Middleware http://flippinawesome.org/2013/05/28/intro-to-express-js-parameters-error-handling-and-other-middleware/ Discusses some of the core Express features in the form of middleware 2
Emailing in Node.js with Nodemailer http://blog.ijasoneverett.com/2013/07/emailing-in-node-js-with-nodemailer/ Walks through the process of using nodemailer to send email 2
The Dead-Simple Step-by-Step Guide for Front-End Developers to Getting Up and Running with Node.JS, Express, Jade, and MongoDB http://cwbuecheler.com/web/tutorials/2013/node-express-mongo/ Set up the full stack and have a webpage running in 30 minutes. Make it talk to your DB in another 30. 2
Understanding JavaScript Callbacks http://cwbuecheler.com/web/tutorials/2013/javascript-callbacks/ Unlocking the Asynchronous Powers of JavaScript 2
Understanding Express.js http://evanhahn.com/understanding-express/ Overview of Connect and Express concepts like middlewares, request handling, routing, etc. 2
Creating a Simple RESTful Web App with Node.js, Express, and MongoDB http://cwbuecheler.com/web/tutorials/2014/restful-web-app-node-express-mongodb/ Learn the basics of REST and use them to build an easy, fast, single-page web app. - 3 3
Writing a Command Line Utility using Node http://flippinawesome.org/2013/07/29/writing-a-command-line-utility-using-node/ Steps through building a simple command-line calculator program that accepts two parameters and adds them together 4
Node Sass Boilerplate https://github.com/anotheruiguy/node-sass-boilerplate A bare bones Node project using the C version of Sass called libsass using the Node.js bindings to libsass. There is a full readme of instructions to build your own project from scratch using npm and Grunt. Use the full example project as a measure with the instructions. 4
A Sample App with Node.js, Express and MongoDB – Part 1 http://blog.ijasoneverett.com/2013/03/a-sample-app-with-node-js-express-and-mongodb-part-1/ Walks through the process of creating a CRUD app 4
A Sample App with Node.js, Express and MongoDB – Part 2 http://blog.ijasoneverett.com/2013/04/a-sample-app-with-node-js-express-and-mongodb-part-2/ Continuation of part 1. Covers editing and deleting from MongoDB 4
Building Multiplayer Games with Node.js and Socket.IO http://flippinawesome.org/2013/09/30/building-multiplayer-games-with-node-js-and-socket-io/ Walks through the basics of building a simple multi-screen, multiplayer word game using the Socket.IO library within Node 5
Teach Yourself Node.js in 10 Steps http://blog.ponyfoo.com/2013/07/12/teach-yourself-nodejs-in-10-steps An introductory overivew of Node.js, npm, callback conventions, events, and HTTP server basics 2
Bevry's introduction to Node.js http://bevry.me/node/preface This class was originally run for General Assembly in Sydney, and has been recorded and made available online. 3
Node Angular Mongo & Express
Mean stack articles + many good things http://flip.it/OxXyB Magazine about the MEAN stack (MongoDB, ExpressJS, AngularJS and Node.js) *
Learn All The Nodes https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLQmX5gaHg2SXyKuT9BQ_nbFIdZ39yeRxH Weekly screencasts on Node.js. The current episodes are all beginners. 2
Node: Up and Running http://chimera.labs.oreilly.com/books/1234000001808/index.html Book by Tom Hughes-Croucher, a bit older, but explains the fundamentals 2
Hackathon Starter https://github.com/sahat/hackathon-starter Boilerplate app to get Noding in no time! 4
Full Streams Ahead http://dry.ly/full-streams-ahead Introduction to streams in Node 4
Node.js Picture VOting App Tutorial http://tutorialzine.com/2014/01/nodejs-picture-voting-game-part-1/ Step by step on how to create a voting app in node.js 3
Real-time collaborative drawing with Node.JS http://12devsofxmas.co.uk/2012/12/day-3-realtime-collaborative-drawing-with-node-js/ Step by step on how to create a real-time collaborative drawing tool with the Express framework for node.js, socket.io & paper.js 2
Javascript Weekly http://javascriptweekly.com/ Javascript weekly mailing list *
Introduction to Node.js http://hectorcorrea.com/#/blog/introduction-to-node-js/51 How to get started with Node.js for web development for people coming from other platforms. From console "hello world" to web page with basic HTTP GET/POST. 2
Node.js Stream Handbook https://github.com/substack/stream-handbook A handbook covering the basics of how to write node.js programs with streams. 3
Node Tuts http://nodetuts.com/ Video tutorials for Node.js 2
Node.js Tutorial for Beginners http://www.tutorialindustry.com/node-js-tutorial-for-beginners If you are a beginner looking for a quick way to learn node.js then BINGO! you have come to the right place. 2
Node.js Express: Definition, Installation, Project structure, Example http://www.tutorialindustry.com/node-js-express-tutorial Learn how to use node.js express framework to build web applications. express framework provides all the low level services for you so that you can focus on more important things. 2
Node.js Mongodb: Express, Mongoose Installation, Examples http://www.tutorialindustry.com/node-js-mongodb-tutorial-for-beginners Learn node.js interaction with mongodb, perform CRUD operations, serve static and dynamic contents using example. 2
Node.js Mysql: Express, Mysql Module Installation, Examples http://www.tutorialindustry.com/node-js-mysql-tutorial-for-beginners Learn node.js interaction with MySql database, perform CRUD operations, serve static and dynamic content using example. 2
Node.js Mail Tutorial: Send Emails Using Nodemailer Module http://www.tutorialindustry.com/nodejs-mail-tutorial-using-nodemailer-module Node.js Mail Tutorial: If you are a beginner and looking for an easy way to send mails in node.js, try nodemailer module. 2
How to Upload Files to Node.js Server Using Express Framework http://www.tutorialindustry.com/how-to-upload-files-to-nodejs-server Learn how to upload files to node.js server, learn what modules are required and the uploading process along with the source code. 2
How to Read/Write Files in Node.js using File System (fs) Module http://www.tutorialindustry.com/how-to-read-write-files-in-node-js-using-file-system-fs-module Learn how to write a file, read files in node.js. I have explained through an example how to read/write files using the inbuilt node.js file system (fs) module. 2
Node.js CouchDB Tutorial: Using Nano, Express Modules, Examples, CRUD Operations http://www.tutorialindustry.com/node-js-couchdb-tutorial-for-beginners Learn how to install nano, express modules, node.js couchdb examples. How to interact with couchdb and perform CRUD Operations. 3
Node.js Redis Tutorial: Express, Redis Modules, Examples with Explanation http://www.tutorialindustry.com/nodejs-redis-tutorial-for-beginners Learn how to integrate redis into your node.js application in a step by step procedure along with examples, Interaction with Redis Sever. 3
5 Best Node.js Books for Beginners- Javascript Basic, Nodejs Starter Books http://www.tutorialindustry.com/5-best-nodejs-books-for-beginners There are many great books available for node.js, here are few books from the best publishers on javascript, nodejs beginners, advanced. 1
Node.js Developer Roadmap: How to Be a Node.js Developer? http://www.tutorialindustry.com/how-to-be-a-nodejs-developer Why should I learn Node.js? What are the prerequisites? What are the steps involved in becoming a good nodejs programmer? 1
Node.js Infographic http://www.tutorialindustry.com/nodejs-infographic This Node.js Infographic explains why you should learn node.js (in a different approach.) Also checkout the google trends showing node.js, indeed.com showing node.js job trends. 1
10 Habits of the Happy Node Hacker https://blog.heroku.com/archives/2014/3/11/node-habits A blog post from Heroku with tips and techniques to keep you and your node apps happy.
Server Side Node https://github.com/hegdeashwin/Server-Side-Node.js This training kit has been developed for those who already have the basic knowledge of JavaScript; This training kit will teach you the basics of NodeJS and NPM (Node Package Manager). 1
Easy Node Authentication Using Passport https://scotch.io/tutorials/upgrading-our-easy-node-authentication-series-to-expressjs-4-0 Tutorial on how to add authentication to Node.js apps using the Passport.js package. 3

*1 is "What is JavaScript?" and 5 is "Go forth, young padawon, rely on your training and you will succeed!"

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This list is completely and totally created by and for the public. I have not and will not personally guarantee the validity or reliability of any of the links. Your use of this list is at your risk, though chances are pretty good that any opportunity to learn is a good one :-) If you have any actual beef with certain listings, please let me know (create an issue), or reach out to the fine folks behind the link itself.

Welcome to Node.js, and be sure to ask questions!! Have fun :-D