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Java Client of Toggl's Reports API
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Java Client of Toggl's Reports API

This project is a Java client for the public Toggl' Reports API. The client is based on a fluent java api that maps the cascade of methods to the Toggl's api endpoints. For example:


mvn compile


Thank's to jitpack it's very easy to use current builds

Step 1. Add the JitPack repository to your build file


Step 2. Add the dependency



Very short examples you can also find within the tests goto tests

simply get it running

public static void main(String[] args) {
    TogglReportApi togglReportApi = new TogglReportApiBuilder()
    WeeklyUsersTimeResult result = togglReportApi.weeklyUsersTime()


Fetch full list of all Detailed Results. The FetchAllDetailed cares about paging

List<TimeEntry> resultList = FetchAllDetailed.getAll(togglReportApi.detailed()

Spring Context

To use this client in a Spring application consider the following setup:

public class TogglReportApiConfiguration {

    public TogglReportApi togglReportApi(@Value("${toggl-api.token}") String token, 
                    @Value("${toggl-api.user-agent}") String userAgent,
                    @Value("${toggl-api.workspace-id}") Long workspaceId) {
        return new TogglReportApiBuilder()


This API depends on three other popular modules:

  • org.springframework artifact spring-web version 4.3.5.RELEASE

  • artifact guava version 21.0

  • com.fasterxml.jackson.core artifact jackson-databind version 2.8.6

  • org.apache.httpcomponents artifact httpclient version 4.6

Since all these artifacts are pretty popular take with care the possible artifact's version conflicts. If you are going to use this software under an Android device consider the httpclient issues.

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