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Revision history for Device-Cdio
0.2.4 Sept 2, 2006
- Fix bad allocation in strncpy_pad
- Fix bugs in Device::Cdio::ISO9600::FS::readddir() and
Device::Cdio::ISO9600::FS::find_lsn(). Thanks to Shannon.
- Fix bug in strncpy_pad().
- Start MMC interface
- Small documentation and example changes
0.2.3 Mar 22, 2006
- Take advantage of bugs fixed upstream in libcdio 0.77. In particular
some of the time setting/getting routines
- Misc Documentation fixups
0.2.2 Mar 3, 2006
- Changes dictated by CPAN: copy of SWIG-generated files from blib/lib
to lib
- Add version numbers for SWIG Perl modules
- Add ISO9660::IFS and ISO9660::FS regression tests
- Better "Synopsis" documentation on IFS and FS.
- add create_makefile_pl => passthrough for Makefile.PL compatibility
0.2.0 Mar 2, 2006
Interrum hand-hacked package to get CPAN to index.
0.2.0 Mar 1, 2006
- Add rudimentary ISO 9660 library. See,,
and 07.iso.t
- Include more C files from SWIG. (In other words drop requirement that
SWIG is installed - this time, for sure!)
0.0.2 Feb 13, 2006
- Drop requirement that SWIG is installed.
- $dev->get_device() is a little more useful.
- Fixes for Darwin (and remove some invalid pointer references too and
guard accessing outside of fixed-length hwinfo arrays).
- Allow Perl 5.8.6.
- synch up version numbers in Cdio/ and Cdio/ with
0.0.1 Feb 10, 2006
Initial release.
What's here from libcdio. Most everything from
In lay terms, this is the audio CD controls, device controls, disc
classification, various block CD read routines, and some track
What's not here (yet) is CD-Text reading, CD-Paranoia interface, the
ISO 9660 library or the (SCSI) MMC command interface.
An oft-asked for request is for UDF support, analogous to the ISO
9660 support. That's currently missing in libcdio.
If there is something in this list you want, dig in. Much of it is
this is straightforward based on continuing what's here.
It was an incredible amount of work to get just this far.