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Sketch plugin to rename layers like a boss
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Rename It

Sketch plugin to rename layers like a boss. It’s a port of the awesome photoshop plugin called Renamy

Rename Selected Layers

Multiple Layers

Rename Multiple layers at once. You can access it from the menu Plugins -> Rename It -> Rename Selected Layers or use the shortcut ⌃+⌘+R

Rename Multiple Layers


Type “%N” to name layer in sequence. You can also use “%n” for reverse order. The more Ns you add the more digits it will add (e.g. , Item %N ==> Item 1, Item 2, Item 3). You can also set where to start the sequence from.

Rename in Sequence

Move Original Layer Name

Type "*" to keep the original anywhere in the new name (e.g., Option * icon).

Original Text

Add Width and Height

Type "%w" or "%h" to add the width or height of the layer (e.g., Icon %w x %h). Great addition by @GU5TAF

Width and Height

Alphabetical Letters Sequence

Type "%a" or "%A" (for uppercase letters) to name layers with letters alphabetically. (e.g., Item %a ==> Item a, Item b, Item c)

Alphabetical Sequence

NOTE: “*” and “%” can be escaped with a backslash “\”

Bonus Round

Combine keywords for renaming awesomeness


Find & Replace in Selected Layers

Find any text in selected layer(s) and replace it. This feature is CASE SENSITIVE. You can access it from the menu Plugins -> Rename It -> Find and Replace or use the shortcut ⌃+⌥+⌘+R

Find & Replace

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