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CliMT: Climate Modeling and Diagnostics Toolkit

CliMT is a Python-based software component toolkit which provides a
 flexible, multi-purpose problem-solving environment geared to climate
 science problems.

See for further details.

Python 2.4 or higher
Numpy 1.0 or higher
GNU gcc and a Fortran compiler

Make sure that numpy is installed, and that the version of f2py 
on your path is the one installed by numpy. Then:

python build

will build the package using the default fortran compiler. For
information on the compilers available on your platform:
f2py -c --help-fcompiler

To build with a different compiler:

python build --fcompiler=<compiler>

where <compiler> is one of the choices offered by f2py above.

When the build is complete:

python install --prefix=<dir where you want climt to live>

You can also install the "lite" version of CliMT, used in 
Ray Pierrehumbert's book "Principles of Planetary Climate",
by doing

python install --lite 

Rodrigo Caballero (
Feb 2012