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Meta for Kodi

Are you using addons for streaming of movies or TV series? Meta is here to make your life a bit easier!


Instead of searching for the same content through all of your addons, you simply find it in Meta and a list of all links from all configured addons will be displayed right in front of you, allowing the selection of the addon to use for playback. Meta can also search your local library or custom directories.

How does it work?

Meta lists content from TMDB and TVDB. By default, none of the media is playable. However, other addons can be linked to Meta by writing small configuration files referred to as Meta-players (see Wiki). Meta uses the hints in the Meta-player to browse the external addon, find list items that match the desired media and create playable links from the paths of these items. Meta aggregates all discovered links and displays them to the user in a simple and well organized selection dialog.

Other features

  • Compatibility with script.trakt
  • Multi-language:
    • All content displayed in Kodi's display language
  • Library integration:
    • Add media content to local library
    • Automatic setup of video source and scraper.
    • Episodes marked as watched in library even when playing from within addon.
    • Meta Context Menu addon allows opening Meta's selection dialog from your existing local library.
  • Default Meta-player settings:
    • Default player for movies.
    • Default player for tv shows.
    • Default player on play from library.
    • A player per tv-show selected when a show is added to library.


Use the repository to install and get automatic updates


Only on Kodi forum: Read the forum rules before posting


Meta screenshot

* Respect copyright laws. Meta is completely legal and provides no links at all. It only re-arranges the content of your other, already installed, addons. Do not ask for help related to any addon that may provide illegal content.

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