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Unicode alternatives for common functions and operators

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This package defines Unicode symbol aliases for a number of functions and operators in the base package of the Haskell standard library. Many of these aliases enable the use of standard mathematical notation in place of ASCII approximations or textual names. For example, (∧) (U+2227 LOGICAL AND) can be used in place of (&&) for boolean AND.

All symbols are documented with their actual definition and their Unicode code point. They should be completely interchangeable with their definitions.

Versus the UnicodeSyntax language extension

This library only provides Unicode aliases for library functions. If you want to use Unicode symbols for core language tokens, also enable the UnicodeSyntax language extension. This extension enables Unicode characters to be used to stand for certain ASCII character sequences, i.e. instead of ->, instead of forall and many others.


Original idea by Péter Diviánszky.

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