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There's no real installatin, put the executable somewhere in your filesystem.
The other requirements depend of your OS :
You need to have installed
libSDL version >= 1.2
libSDL_mixer >= 1.2
These Dlls have to be in the .exe directory (they should have been distributed with it) :
libgif-4.dll, mingwm10.dll, SDL.dll, SDL_mixer.dll
# Linux
You will need the following libraries :
- wxwidgets version >= 2.8.9 installed
- libSDL version >= 1.2
- libSDL_mixer >= 1.2
- giflib-devel
# Cross Compilation From Linux to windows
You will need (approximatively, i don't remember everything)
- All the above linux required library but compiled for windows
- mingw32
NOTE : You will have to specify your cross compilation directory in argument to ../configure script. Sell my cross-compilation configure script in the directory <build-win>.
Good luck
You'll have to use cygwin.
Library requirement are the same as linux's one.
Compilation should be possible cause i've done it at the beginning of the developpement. But with the time, there can be problems, please contact me if you can pass -or cannot pass- through them.