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5038afe Aug 10, 2014
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const int Nx = 128;
const int Ny = 64;
const int Nz = 32;
int main()
//set random seed so that result is reproducible (for testing)
//create random data
std::vector<std::complex<double>> data(Nx*Ny*Nz);
for(int i = 0;i < Nx*Ny*Nz;i++) data[i] = std::complex<double>(rand(),rand());
//save it to file
//load it into a new array
cnpy::NpyArray arr = cnpy::npy_load("arr1.npy");
std::complex<double>* loaded_data =<std::complex<double>>();
//make sure the loaded data matches the saved data
assert(arr.word_size == sizeof(std::complex<double>));
assert(arr.shape.size() == 3 && arr.shape[0] == Nz && arr.shape[1] == Ny && arr.shape[2] == Nx);
for(int i = 0; i < Nx*Ny*Nz;i++) assert(data[i] == loaded_data[i]);
//append the same data to file
//npy array on file now has shape (Nz+Nz,Ny,Nx)
//now write to an npz file
//non-array variables are treated as 1D arrays with 1 element
double myVar1 = 1.2;
char myVar2 = 'a';
cnpy::npz_save("out.npz","myVar1",&myVar1,{1},"w"); //"w" overwrites any existing file
cnpy::npz_save("out.npz","myVar2",&myVar2,{1},"a"); //"a" appends to the file we created above
cnpy::npz_save("out.npz","arr1",&data[0],{Nz,Ny,Nx},"a"); //"a" appends to the file we created above
//load a single var from the npz file
cnpy::NpyArray arr2 = cnpy::npz_load("out.npz","arr1");
//load the entire npz file
cnpy::npz_t my_npz = cnpy::npz_load("out.npz");
//check that the loaded myVar1 matches myVar1
cnpy::NpyArray arr_mv1 = my_npz["myVar1"];
double* mv1 =<double>();
assert(arr_mv1.shape.size() == 1 && arr_mv1.shape[0] == 1);
assert(mv1[0] == myVar1);