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Acceptance Helper Magento 1 extension


The main extension purpose is to provide an ability to execute some platform operations during the Magento acceptance testing: fixtures generation, settings change, manipulation with entities etc. This extension should not be used on production environment since it uses controllers accessible by direct URLs without authentication.


  • Flush cache
  • Create test product
  • Remove test product
  • Remove customer by email TBM


Manual installation

  • Download the package contents
  • Put app directory from package into your Magento root directory (without overwriting files)

Installation via Modman

  • Install Modman package manager.
  • Run the following commands in console:
cd /var/www            # Magento is installed here
modman init
modman clone


All operations are being processed by direct links.

Flush Cache

Remove Customer here is an "url_encoded" email string.

Add Product

Product details can be adjusted directly in Helper/Product.php.

Remove Product

This command will remove product created by the "Add Product" command.

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