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[*Foreign Influence*][book-amaz]
[*Foreign Influence*][book-amaz] is the next entry in the Scot Harvath series from Brad Thor. An
indulgent page turner from the get go, this one falls in the middle of the pack among the books in
this series.

I started to get the impression that the author realizes he blew too much of Scot's time in the
first few books and is making up for it now. The first couple books spanned some time and major life
changes. At this point, to be able to make the series go on for a while, he is having to compress
both the time within the book and the time between books. This is not altogether bad, but this one
really ended pretty abruptly with some major happenings all crammed into the end.

I wouldn't pick up the series with this book, but if you have been following along then this one
will not disappoint. The one aspect that is starting to grate on me is the incessant need to talk
about how "America's enemies don't play by the rules, so why should we?" I get the sentiment of the
character and who he is supposed to be, but even then it is starting to be a bit of a stretch.


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