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title: The Shining
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[*The Shining*][book-amaz] is yet another Stephen King book that made it on to my list. I have seen
the movie more than a few times over my life but never got around to reading the book. I am so glad
that I finally did because yet again the book is much more nuanced and, I hate saying it, better than
the movie. I don't hate saying it as if I expect the movie to be better, I am just as annoyed as
everyone else when someone has to say "oh the book is better" when someone mentions liking a movie.
I really enjoyed The Shining the movie, in fact it is one of my favorites because Kubrick is my
favorite director and horror is my favorite genre.
As King was an alcoholic himself his drunks tend to be a bit autobiographical and therefore on
point. There are small and large details related to the alcoholism and associated family dynamics
that are quite lifelike. One of the things King says he dislikes about the movie is that a lot of
the intrafamily dynamics are missing from the movie. The personality that drives the action is only
barely there in the movie. Having read the book, parts of the movie that were before somewhat
confusing now make sense as they were hints to details from the book without enough information to
really make the connection.
I really enjoyed this book and I would highly recommend anyone to read it, especially if you enjoyed
the movie. Luckily certain things in the ending and about the events themselves are changed
dramatically in the movie that even seeing it first does not ruin the book or vice versa.

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