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Terraform provider for Rollbar

The Rollbar provider allows Terraform to control resources on, the Continuous Code Improvement Platform.

The provider allows you to manage your Rollbar projects, tokens, users, teams and notifications with ease. It must be configured with the proper credentials before it can be used.


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Example usage:

# Install Rollbar provider from Terraform Registry
terraform {
  required_providers {
    rollbar = {
      source  = "rollbar/rollbar"

# Configure the Rollbar provider
provider "rollbar" {
  api_key = "YOUR_API_KEY" # read/write permissions needed
  project_api_key = "YOUR_PROJECT_API_KEY" # needed for notifications (read/write)

# Create a team
resource "rollbar_team" "frontend" {
  name = "frontend-team"

# Create a project and assign the team
resource "rollbar_project" "frontend" {
  name         = "react-frontend"
  team_ids = []

# Create a new email notification rule for the "New Item" trigger
resource "rollbar_notification" "foo" {
  rule  {
    filters {
        type =  "environment"
        operation =  "neq"
        value = "production"
    filters {
       type = "level"
       operation = "eq"
       value = "error"
    trigger = "new_item"
  channel = "email"
  config  {
    users = [""]
    teams = ["Owners"]

# Create a new PagerDuty notification rule for >10 items in 60 minutes
resource "rollbar_notification" "bar" {
  rule  {
    filters {
        type = "rate"
        period = 60
        count = 10
    trigger = occurrence_rate
  channel = "pagerduty"
  config  {
   service_key = "TOKEN"

# Create a new Slack notification rule for the "New Item" trigger
resource "rollbar_notification" "baz" {
  rule  {
    filters {
        type =  "environment"
        operation =  "eq"
        value = "production"
    filters {
       type = "framework"
       operation = "eq"
       value = "13"
    trigger = "new_item"
  channel = "slack"
  config  {
     # message_template = optional
     show_message_buttons = true
     channel = "#demo-david"
# Create a new Webhook notification rule for the "New Item" trigger
resource "rollbar_notification" "baz" {
  rule  {
    filters {
        type =  "environment"
        operation =  "eq"
        value = "production"
    filters {
       type = "framework"
       operation = "eq"
       value = "13"
    trigger = "new_item"
  channel = "webhook"
  config  {
     url = ""
     format = "json"

Note about framework filtering

When using the framework filter in notification rules, the correct value is a number (passed in as a string). The current list of framework values is available at

A copy of the list is shown below (last updated 9/15/2021):

    'unknown': 0,
    'rails': 1,
    'django': 2,
    'pyramid': 3,
    'node-js': 4,
    'pylons': 5,
    'php': 6,
    'browser-js': 7,
    'rollbar-system': 8,  # system messages, like "over rate limit"
    'android': 9,
    'ios': 10,
    'mailgun': 11,
    'logentries': 12,
    'python': 13,
    'ruby': 14,
    'sidekiq': 15,
    'flask': 16,
    'celery': 17,
    'rq': 18,
    'java': 19,
    'dotnet': 20,
    'go': 21,
    'react-native': 22,
    'macos': 23,
    'apex': 24,
    'spring': 25,
    'bottle': 26,
    'twisted': 27,
    'asgi': 28,
    'starlette': 29,
    'fastapi': 30,
    'karafka': 31,
    'flutter': 32,

See the docs for detailed usage information.


Enable writing debug log to /tmp/terraform-provider-rollbar.log by setting an environment variable:

terraform apply   # or any command that calls the Rollbar provider

This is necessary because Terraform providers aren’t actually plugins - they don’t get loaded into the running Terraform process. Rather a provider is a stand alone program that is started as a child processes and communicates with Terraform via gRPC. Anything that child process writes to stdout/stderr is lost. So if we want debug logging we must write to a file.



  • Terraform 0.12.x, 0.13.x, or 0.14.x
  • Go 1.14.x, 1.15.x

See Quick Tests workflow for details of version compatibility testing.

Building locally

Run make build to build the provider from source.

Run make install to build from source then install the provider locally for usage by Terraform.

Folder ./example contains example Terraform configuration. To use this config with a locally built provider, copy file to overwrite file Then run terraform init to initialize Terraform with the provider. See example configuration README for more detail.

Running make plan, make apply, or make destroy will:

  • Build the provider from your working directory, and install for local Terraform.
  • Setup Terraform configuration to use the freshly built provider
  • Run terraform <plan|apply|destroy> in the examples folder with debug logging enabled.
  • Display the logs on completion.


This provider includes both unit tests, and acceptance tests that run with a live Rollbar account.

To enable debug output when running tests:


To run the unit tests:

$ make test

To run the acceptance tests:

$ export ROLLBAR_API_KEY=<your API key>
$ make testacc

Continuous Delivery

We use semantic-release for continuous delivery. When a PR is merged into master the Semantic Release workflow is triggered. If relevant Conventional Commits annotations are found in the Git log, semantic-release creates a new release and calls GoReleaser to build the binaries.

This way no human is directly involved in the release process and the releases are guaranteed to be unromantic and unsentimental.

-- from the semantic-release docs

After a new release has been created by semantic-release, it may take up to 10 minutes for the provider binaries to be built and attached by GoReleaser.

Terraform Versions

Several Makefile targets build the provider inside a Docker container, then test it against different versions of Terraform. Environment variable ROLLBAR_API_KEY must be set.

  • make terraform012 - Terraform 0.12.x
  • make terraform013 - Terraform 0.13.x
  • make terraform014 - Terraform 0.14.x


This is Free Software, released under the terms of the MIT license.


Derived from babbel/terraform-provider-rollbar and jmcvetta/terraform-provider-rollbar