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  • Join DSL so that you can use arbitrary conditions when joining relations (flash-gordon)
    users.join(tasks) { |users:, tasks:|
      tasks[:user_id].is(users[:id]) & users[:name].is('John')
    You also can use table aliases, however the setup is a bit hairy:
    # self-join "users" with itself using "authors" as an alias
    authors =
    result = users.join(authors) { |users: |
  • Support for CASE expression (wmaciejak + flash-gordon)
    # matching expression result
    users.select_append { => string('one'), else: string('something else')).as(:one_or_else) }
    # searching for `true` result
    users.select_append { string::case( => 'one', else: 'else').as(:one_or_else) }
  • Relations can be accessed in DSLs with keyword arguments (flash-gordon)
    users.join(posts).select_append { |posts: | posts[:title] }
  • Support for .exists in the projection DSL (flash-gordon)
    users.select_append { |posts: |
      exists(posts.where(posts[:user_id] => id)).as(:has_posts)
  • Relation#unfiltered returns an unrestricted relation (removes restrictions from WHERE and HAVING) (flash-gordon)
  • Support for WITHIN GROUP in the function DSL has been enhanced with block syntax (flash-gordon)
 # previously available version
 households.project { fload::percentile_cont(0.5).within_group(income).as(:percentile) }
 # using the new syntax
 households.project { fload::percentile_cont(0.5).within_group { income }.as(:percentile) }

Compare v2.5.0...master

v2.5.0 2018-06-08


  • Support for subqueries in SELECT and WHERE 🎉 (flash-gordon)
    tasks = relations[:tasks]
    users = relations[:users]
    user_tasks = tasks.where(tasks[:user_id].is(users[:id])
    tasks_count = { int::count(id) }

Compare v2.4.0...v2.5.0

v2.4.0 2018-02-18


  • Support for functions with Any return type (GustavoCaso)
  • New Relation#as_hash method (GustavoCaso)

Compare v2.3.0...v2.4.0

v2.3.0 2017-11-17


  • Command's :timestamp plugin now supports passing options (GustavoCaso)
  • Configuration supports hash with connection options (Kjarrigan + solnic)


  • Aliased attributes are handled correctly in PG's commands (cflipse)
  • Command extensions are properly applied in multi-adapter setups (solnic)


  • Custom SQL-specific mapper compiler was added, which is used starting from rom-core 4.1.0 (solnic)
  • Command's :timestamp plugin was removed, as it was moved to rom-core (GustavoCaso)

Compare v2.2.1...v2.3.0

v2.2.1 2017-11-10


  • Instrumentation works with all db interactions (not just queries that materialize relations) (solnic)
  • Typo in MissingEnv exception message (romatr)

Compare v2.2.0...v2.2.1

v2.2.0 2017-11-02


  • Relation registry is passed as an argument to DSL blocks (in select, where, order etc.), which enables syntax like select { |r| [id, r.tasks[:title]] } (solnic)
  • Support for self-referenced many-to-many associations (solnic)
  • PG's geometric types include meta data about db types (GustavoCaso)


  • Custom schema is used correctly in command results (solnic)
  • Schemas no longer finalize PKs (this is done in core schema already) (solnic)

Compare v2.1.0...v2.2.0

v2.1.0 2017-10-23


  • Support for PG's range types (v-kolesnikov)
  • Support for PG's ltree (GustavoCaso + solnic)
  • Support for the FILTER clause (flash-gordon)
  • PG's array types will use custom types for processing members ie ltree[] will use LTree type (solnic)


  • Schema inference works with primary keys that have custom types (ie an enum PK column) (v-kolesnikov)
  • Ruby warnings are gone (solnic)

Compare v2.0.0...v2.1.0

v2.0.0 2017-10-18


  • Support for schema plugins (flash-gordon)

  • Support for auto migrations (flash-gordon)

  • Add DLS for describing table indexes (flash-gordon)

      schema do
        indexes do
          index :name, name: :unique_name, unique: true
          index :props, type: :gin
          index :name, name: :long_names_only, predicate: 'length(name) > 10'
          index :user_id, :title, name: :composite_idx
  • Support for composite indexes in the auto-restrictions plugin (flash-gordon)

  • SQL::Gateway#call calls a SQL function (flash-gordon)

      gateway.(:upper, 'foo') # => "FOO"
      gateway.(:pg_advisory_xact_lock, 1234) # => nil
  • SQL::Gateway#run executes a SQL string, e.g. a DDL statement (flash-gordon)'set session IntervalStyle to default')
  • SQL::Relation#exists joins a relation with the EXISTS operator (flash-gordon)

      users.exists(posts) # => users with posts
  • Support for processing a relation in batches (flash-gordon)

      users.each_batch(size: 100) do |rel|
          call(name: users[:first_name].concat(users[:last_name])
  • SQL::Relation#import inserts data from another relation using the INSERT ... AS SELECT syntax which is often far more effective than row-by-row processing and an ordinary multi-insert. Relations defined on another gateway are also supported, and in this case, the implementation falls back to the multi-insert strategy (flash-gordon)

      users.import( { first_name.concat(last_name).as(:name) })
  • Support for tinytext, text, mediumtext, and `longtext data types in MySQL (panthomakos)

  • The new pg_explain plugin for getting query plans on PostgreSQL (flash-gordon)

      users.by_pk(1).explain(format: :json, analyze: true)
  • Support for window function calls { [dep_no, salary, int::avg(salary).over(partition: dep_no, order: id).as(:avg_salary)] }
  • Function result can be negated, also ROM::SQL::Function#not was added (flash-gordon)

       users.where { !lower(name).is('John') }
       users.where { lower(name).not('John') }


  • [BREAKING] based on rom 4.0 now (flash-gordon + solnic)
  • [BREAKING] Associates command plugin requires associations now (solnic)
  • [BREAKING] Command#transaction is gone in favor of Relation#transaction (solnic)
  • [BREAKING] PG::JSONArray, PG::JSONBArray, PG::JSONHash, and PG::JSONBHash types were dropped, use PG::JSON and PG::JSONB instead (flash-gordon)
  • [BREAKING] The pg_hstore extension now doesn't get loaded automatically, use the :extension option to load it on config initialization (flash-gordon)
  • ManyToOne no longer uses a join (solnic)
  • AutoCombine and AutoWrap plugins were removed as this functionality is provided by core API (solnic)
  • Foreign keys are indexed by default (flash-gordon)
  • Schemas are qualified by default (solnic)
  • PG::JSON, PG::JSONB, and PG::Array now all have read types so that they return plain Hash/Array values instead of Sequel's wrappers (flash-gordon)


  • Self-ref associations work correctly with custom FKs (solnic)
  • Aliased associations with custom FKs work correctly (solnic)
  • Defining a custom dataset block no longer prevents default views like by_pk to be defined (solnic)
  • Relation#group uses canonical schema now (solnic)

Compare v1.3.3...master

v1.3.3 2017-05-30


  • Relation#lock, row-level locking using the SELECT FOR UPDATE clause (flash-gordon)

  • get and get_text methods for the PG::JSON type (flash-gordon)

  • Support for converting data type with CAST using the function DSL (flash-gordon) { string::cast(id, 'varchar').as(:id_str) }
  • Support forEXISTS (v-kolesnikov)

      subquery = tasks.where(tasks[:user_id].qualified => users[:id].qualified)
      users.where { exists(subquery) }


  • Fixed a regression introduced in v1.3.2 caused by doing way more work processing the default dataset (flash-gordon)

Compare v1.3.2...v1.3.3

v1.3.2 2017-05-13


  • Support for filtering with a SQL function in the WHERE clause. Be sure you're using it wisely and don't call it on large datasets ;) (flash-gordon)
  • Void type for calling functions without returning value (flash-gordon)
  • Support for PG::Array transformations and queries (flash-gordon)


  • A bunch of warnings from Sequel 4.46

Compare v1.3.1...v1.3.2

v1.3.1 2017-05-05


  • [internal] Compatibility with dry-core v0.3.0 (flash-gordon)

Compare v1.3.0...v1.3.1

v1.3.0 2017-05-02


  • New Relation#exist? predicate checks if the relation has at least one tuple (flash-gordon)
  • Support for JSONB transformations and queries using native DSL (flash-gordon)
  • Add ROM::SQL::Attribute#not for negated boolean equality expressions (AMHOL)
  • Add ROM::SQL::Attribute#! for negated attribute's sql expressions (solnic)
  • Inferrer gets limit constraints for string data types and stores them in type's meta (v-kolesnikov)


  • Fixed usage of PostgreSQL's commands with a composite relation (flash-gordon)
  • Translation of true/false/nil equality checks to is/is not SQL statements in ROM::SQL::Attribute#is (AMHOL)
  • associates command plugin coerces parent collections to hashes correctly (aarek+solnic)
  • by_pk works correctly even when PK is not projected (solnic)


  • Global private interface SQL::Gateway.instance has been deprecated. Now if you run migrations with ROM you should set up a ROM config in the db:setup task with something similar to

      namespace :db
        task :setup do
          ROM::SQL::RakeSupport.env =, ENV['DATABASE_URL'])

Compare v1.2.2...v1.3.0

v1.2.2 2017-03-25


  • Updated dry-initializer (flash-gordon)

Compare v1.2.1...v1.2.2

v1.2.1 2017-03-09


  • Allow for joining by a RelationProxy instance from rom-repository (davydovanton)

Compare v1.2.0...v1.2.1

v1.2.0 2017-03-07


  • Support for configuring multiple associations for a command (solnic)
  • Support for passing parent tuple(s) as parent option in Command#with_association (solnic)
  • Support for join using assocation name (flash-gordon)

Compare v1.1.2...v1.2.0

v1.1.2 2017-03-02


  • Fix grouping by a function in the block DSL (flash-gordon)

Compare v1.1.1...v1.1.2

v1.1.1 2017-03-01


  • Restriction conditions with an array as a value are handled correctly by attribute types (solnic)

Compare v1.1.0...v1.1.1

v1.1.0 2017-03-01


  • Added inferring for database indices (flash-gordon)
  • Restriction conditions are now coerced using schema attributes (solnic)
  • :instrumentation relation plugin that can be configured with any instrumentation backend (solnic)
  • :auto_restrictions relation plugin, which defines by_* views restricting relations by their indexed attributes (solnic)


  • Missing group method was added to legacy SequelAPI module (solnic)
  • Associations properly maintain order if it was set (solnic)

Compare v1.0.3...v1.1.0

v1.0.3 2017-02-23


  • AutoCombine#preload uses better restriction for ManyToOne association which greatly speeds up loading bigger amounts of data (solnic + flash-gordon)


  • Fix the usage of timestamp in command chains (cflipse)

Compare v1.0.2...v1.0.3

v1.0.2 2017-02-16


  • Support for selecting literal strings via select { `'foo'`.as(:bar) } (solnic)

Compare v1.0.1...v1.0.2

v1.0.1 2017-02-09


  • Support for inferring the PostgreSQL hstore data type (flash-gordon)
  • Support for the rest of geometric PostgreSQL data types (box, lseg, polygon, etc.) (Morozzzko)
  • Added inferring for timestamp types with specified precision (flash-gordon)
  • Added ROM::SQL::Attribute#in to support range checks in conditions (flash-gordon)


  • Missing primary key now leads to a more meaningful error (flash-gordon)

Compare v1.0.0...v1.0.1

v1.0.0 2017-01-29

This release is based on rom core 3.0.0 with its improved Schema API, which is extended with SQL-specific features.

Please refer to the upgrading guide if you're moving from 0.9.x to 1.0.0.


  • [BREAKING] All relations have schemas (inferred by default, but still possible to override and/or extend) (solnic)
  • [BREAKING] Schemas are used when defining relation views (solnic)
  • [BREAKING] Default dataset is set up based on schema (solnic)
  • Extended query API with support for schema attributes (solnic)
  • Schemas can project relations automatically (solnic)
  • New Schema#qualified (solnic)
  • New Relation#assoc method which is a shortcut for accessing relation created by the given association (solnic)
  • Schema attribute types are now SQL-specific and compatible with query DSL (ie you can pass relation attributes to select and they will be automatically converted to valid SQL expressions) (solnic)
  • Associations support setting custom view that will be used to extend association relation (solnic)
  • Associations support setting custom foreign_key names (solnic)
  • Update commands has :associates plugin enabled (solnic)
  • Support for self-referencing associations (ie categories have_many child categories) (solnic)
  • Inferrers for mysql and sqlite were added (flash-gordon)
  • PG's auto-inferrer can handle inet/cidr/point data types in a two-way manner, i.e. converting them back and forth on reading and writing (flash-gordon)
  • Support for inferring more PG types: macaddr, xml (flash-gordon)
  • ROM::SQL::Relation::SequelAPI extension for backward-compatible query API (this will be deprecated in 1.1.0 and removed in 2.0.0) (solnic)
  • Added Object type for SQLite which is used by the inferrer for columns without a type affinity (flash-gordon)
  • Support for composite PKs in the default by_pk view (solnic)


  • [BREAKING] Relation#header has been removed in favor of schemas (solnic)
  • [BREAKING] Relation#base has been removed as now a vanilla relation is a base relation view (solnic)
  • [BREAKING] Deprecated Relation.primary_key has been removed in favor of schema (solnic)
  • [BREAKING] Deprecated Commands::Update#change has been removed (solnic)
  • [BREAKING] Deprecated Commands.validator has been removed (solnic)
  • [BREAKING] assoc_macros plugin has been removed, please use associations from now (solnic)
  • Default by_pk uses schema attributes, it will raise exception if PK attribute is missing in the schema (solnic)
  • [internal] Associations use schemas for relation projections (solnic)
  • [internal] select, select_append, project, inner_join and left_join use schemas internally (solnic)
  • [internal] Deprecation and constants are now based on dry-core (flash-gordon)

Compare v0.9.1...v1.0.0

v0.9.1 2016-12-23


  • Support for PG enums in schema inferrer (flash-gordon)
  • ROM::SQL::Relation#read method which accepts an SQL string and returns a new relation (solnic)

Compare v0.9.0...v0.9.1

v0.9.0 2016-11-08


  • Associations::{OneToMany,OneToOne}#associate for merging FKs into child tuple (jodosha)
  • Added support for PostgreSQL types: UUID, Array, JSONB and Money (jodosha)
  • Support for DB specific schema inferrers (flash-gordon)
  • Automatically infer PG arrays and JSON(B) types (jodosha + flash-gordon)
  • Support for Relation#having (cflipse)


  • Inferred types in schemas are no longer strict (flash-gordon)
  • PG-specific types are handled by :postgres extension and it loads connection extensions automatically (flash-gordon)
  • Make OneToOne inherit from OneToMany (beauby)
  • Default dataset will use column names from schema if it's available (solnic)


  • Floats are inferred by schemas (cflipse)

Compare v0.8.0...v0.9.0

v0.8.0 2016-07-27


  • Support for relation schemas with SQL-specific data types (solnic + flash-gordon)
  • One-To-Many support in schemas (solnic + flash-gordon)
  • One-To-One support in schemas (solnic + flash-gordon)
  • One-To-One-Through support in schemas (solnic + flash-gordon)
  • Many-To-One support in schemas (solnic + flash-gordon)
  • Many-To-Many support in schemas (solnic + flash-gordon)
  • Support for has_many, has_one and belongs_to convenient methods in schema DSL (solnic)
  • Support for custom PG types: Types::PG::Array, Types::PG::Hash, Types::PG::JSON, and Types::PG::Bytea (solnic + flash-gordon)
  • Optional automatic schema inference for attributes and foreign keys based on DB metadata provided by Sequel (flash-gordon)
  • Support for arbitrary dataset and FK names in schemas (flash-gordon)
  • Support for native upserts in PostgreSQL >= 9.5 via Commands::Postgres::Upsert (gotar + flash-gordon)


  • Create and Update commands have :schema plugin enabled by default which sets input handler based on schema definition automatically (solnic)
  • associates command plugin uses schema associations now (solnic)
  • Dropped MRI 2.0.x support


  • Create command properly materialize result when :one is set (AMHOL)

Compare v0.7.0...v0.8.0

v0.7.0 2016-01-06


  • Repository plugins have been imported:
    • view allows defining a relation view with an explicit header (solnic)
    • base_view defines a base view with all column names as the header (solnic)
    • auto_combine defines a generic for_combine method which eager-loads parent/children relation (solnic)
    • auto-wrap defines a generic for_wrap method which inner-joins a parent/children relation (solnic)
  • Possibility to check for pending migrations (gotar)
  • Relation#sum interface (gotar)
  • Relation#avg interface (gotar)
  • Relation#min interface (gotar)
  • Relation#max interface (gotar)
  • Relation#union interface (spscream)
  • primary_key macro which allows setting a custom primary key when it cannot be inferred automatically (solnic)


  • ROM::SQL.gateway renamed to ROM::SQL::Gateway.instance for migrations (endash)
  • Association macros are now an optional plugin (solnic)

Compare v0.6.1...v0.7.0

v0.6.1 2015-09-23


  • Gateway accepts :extensions as an option (c0)

Compare v0.6.0...v0.6.1

v0.6.0 2015-08-19

Internal updates to fix deprecation warnings from ROM 0.9.0.

Compare v0.5.3...v0.6.0

v0.5.3 2015-07-23


  • Relation#multi_insert (draxxxeus)


  • Command that receives many tuples will use multi_insert now (draxxxeus)


  • Relation name and join key fixes for many_to_one macro (jamesmoriarty)

Compare v0.5.2...v0.5.3

v0.5.2 2015-06-22


  • Relation#invert operation (nepalez)


  • Migration tasks no longer require entire ROM env (solnic)
  • Repository => Gateway rename for ROM 0.8.0 compatibility (solnic)

Compare v0.5.1...v0.5.2

v0.5.1 2015-05-25


  • Relations won't be finalized when table(s) is/are missing (solnic)


  • Wrap errors when calling commands with []-syntax (kwando)

Compare v0.5.0...v0.5.1

v0.5.0 2015-05-22


  • Association macros support addition :on option (solnic)
  • associates plugin for Create command (solnic)
  • Support for NotNullConstraintError (solnic)
  • Support for UniqueConstraintConstraintError (solnic)
  • Support for ForeignKeyConstraintError (solnic)
  • Support for CheckConstraintError (solnic)
  • Commands::Update#original supports objects coercible to_h now (solnic)


  • [BREAKING] Constraint errors are no longer command errors which means try and transaction blocks will not catch them (solnic)
  • Commands::Update#set has been deprecated (solnic)
  • Commands::Update#to has been deprecated (solnic)

Compare v0.4.3...v0.5.0

v0.4.3 2015-05-17


  • transaction doesn't swallow errors now other than CommandError (solnic)

Compare v0.4.2...v0.4.3

v0.4.2 2015-05-17


  • Support for setting custom association name (solnic)
  • Support for :conditions option in association definition (solnic)
  • Better error message when accessing undefined associations (pdswan)


  • Correct ROM::SQL::Plugin::Pagination::Pager#total_pages when total is not evenly divisible by page size (larribas)
  • association_join behaves correctly when dataset is different than register_as (nepalez)


  • transaction returns command failure objects when there was a rollback (solnic)

Compare v0.4.1...v0.4.2

v0.4.1 2015-04-04


  • Database error handling for update and delete commands (kwando + solnic)
  • Migration interface as a repository plugin (gotar + solnic)

Compare v0.4.0...v0.4.1

v0.4.0 2015-03-22


  • ROM::SQL::Relation which explictly defines an interface on top of Sequel (solnic + mcls)
  • Postgres-specific Create and Update commands that support RETURNING (gotar + solnic)
  • Update#change interface for skipping execution when there's no diff (solnic)
  • Experimental migration API using sequel/migrations (gotar)
  • Pagination plugin (solnic)
  • Allow reuse of established Sequel connections (splattael)


  • Use ROM's own inflector which uses either ActiveSupport or Inflecto backends (mjtko)


  • Indentation in Rails logger (morgoth)

Compare v0.3.2...v0.4.0

v0.3.2 2015-01-01


  • Checking tuple count in commands (solnic)

Compare v0.3.1...v0.3.2

v0.3.1 2014-12-31


  • Adapter#disconnect (solnic)
  • Support for extra connection options (solnic)

Compare v0.3.0...v0.3.1

v0.3.0 2014-12-19


  • association_join now uses Sequel's graph interface which qualifies columns automatically (solnic)
  • Delete command returns deleted tuples (solnic)

Compare v0.2.0...v0.3.0

v0.2.0 2014-12-06


  • Command API (solnic)
  • Support for ActiveSupport::Notifications with a log subscriber (solnic)
  • New ROM::SQL::Adapter#dataset?(name) checking if a given table exists (solnic)

Compare v0.1.1...v0.2.0

v0.1.1 2014-11-24


  • Equalizer in header (solnic)


  • minor refactor in adapter (solnic)

Compare v0.1.0...v0.1.1

v0.1.0 2014-11-24

First release powered by Sequel