Application targetting desktop and mobile to organize your tv series
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Application targetting desktop and mobile to organize your tv series

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Translations are done with Transifex, you can contribute there if you want


  • List of episodes organized by season and series
  • From database, download list of episode and season with :
    • banners
    • poster
    • description
    • name
  • Good looking interface
  • Track the episode and series you have seen
  • Air time of episodes
  • Display upcoming series/season/episode
  • Search and add any series you want
  • Explore series using database
  • See all the actors of the tv series : importance in the series, names and role


  • Download subtitles from subtitles website
  • Recommend you some other series you might like
  • Calendar and airing times


Package manager

That's the best way to install it, it will upgrade with sudo apt-get upgrade

  • on ubuntu trusty :
    • wget -O- | sudo apt-key add -
    • sudo add-apt-repository 'deb trusty main'
    • sudo apt-get update
    • sudo apt-get install tvseriesorganizer



Dependencies : gcc >=4.8, Qt >=5.2.1

Two possibilities :

  • git clone --recursive git:// && cd TvSeriesOrganizer && qmake && make
  • git clone --recursive git:// && cd TvSeriesOrganizer && qtcreator

Technical description

  • Programmed with c++11, Qt5 and Qml
  • The app is made with a Model View Controller organization
  • Using Qml for the view makes it possible to target both desktop and mobile with the same code


All series, season and episode text translation have been done in many languages by thetvdb contributors. The text of this application (menu, google play description, buttons, ...) have been translated from English in :