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bot made with mineflayer which can do task
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A minecraft bot that can do many things.

Support minecraft 1.8

Youtube demos :


  • dig
  • move to any not too far away position thanks to mineflayer-navigate
  • repeat
  • sequence
  • dig a spiral staircase
  • inventory management : equip,toss,list
  • attack : mobs, players
  • build
  • find and get a block
  • activate an item (shoot and arrow for example)
  • follow
  • build a shelter
  • dig a tunnel
  • raise chicken
  • move by building and digging
  • building things : watch then replicate
  • craft


  • Doing more complicated things :
    • crafting things : get or craft the needed items
    • getting anywhere even if it's hard (lava, water)
    • building more things
  • Integrate other mineflayer functionnality :
    • using chests, dispensers and enchantment tables
    • use vehicle
    • activate block
  • React to the world : for example if a mob attack the bot, the bot should defend itself
  • Improve/simplify the code


First, you need to install node , you might want to read this

Linux / OSX

  • npm install -g rbot


  • Follow the Windows instructions from Obvious/ursa
  • npm install -g rbot

If you download the source via github, you can run npm install


  • If you specify a master the bot will only obey to him
  • rbot <host> <port> <name> <password> [<master>]



  • repeat <action> done
  • stop repeat <action> done
  • do <action1> then <action2> done : do first action then do the second one
  • if <condition> do <task> done
  • if <condition> do <task1> else <task2> done
  • repeat <task> until <condition> done

Base commands

  • dig <position>
  • move <position>
  • look for <entity>
  • look for <block>
  • pos <player> : say the position of the other player if he is not too far away
  • move to <position> : use mineflayer-navigate to get to <position>
  • stop move to
  • equip <emplacement> <item> : equip item at emplacement (for example hand)
  • unequip <emplacement>
  • toss <number> <nameItem>
  • toss everything
  • list : list all items of the bot
  • attack <entity>
  • say <message>.
  • activate item
  • deactivate item
  • wait <milliseconds>
  • stop raise chicken
  • look at <position>
  • build <position> : build at position with the equipped block
  • craft <number> <nameItem> : will craft this item if you have the required items
  • up : jump and build under the bot (but doesn't dig the bot above the bot unlike sup)
  • jump
  • nothing
  • watch <entity> : start watching what <entity> is building and digging
  • stop watch : stop watching and save what has been done
  • replicate : redo the building and digging that has just been done (the position of the action are calculated from the position of the bot)


  • x+ x- z+ z-
  • dig forward <position> : dig the two block in front of the bot then move, works if there is gravel that fall
  • spiral up : dig an ascending spiral staircase
  • spiral down : dig a descending spiral staircase
  • raise chicken : get an egg then throw it
  • shoot <entity> : if it has a bow and arrows, shoot <entity>
  • follow <position> : go to <position> every 2 sec
  • get <nameBlock> : go to a position next to nearest <nameBlock> then dig it
  • build shelter : build a very simple shelter with the equipped block (need 25 blocks)
  • destroy shelter : destroy this shelter
  • come : move to me
  • attack everymob : kill any close mob
  • scome : move to you by digging and building
  • down : move down of one block
  • sup : move up of one block
  • sget <blockName> : get a block by building and digging
  • smove <position> : repeat ssumove <position> until at <position> done : if the position is too far ssumove can't calculate it because it doesn't know the blocks that far
  • ssumove <position> : get to the position by building and digging using a-star to avoid bedrock
  • sumove <position> : move of 1 in the direction of the position by building and digging
  • immure <position>
  • cget <number> <nameItem> : get the item using sget and craft commands
  • give <position> <number> <item>
  • give <position> everything
  • sdig <position> : repeat ssdig until it's done
  • ssdig <position> : dig safely
  • achieve <condition> : achieve <condition> using the related action


  • <item> can be :
    • item to build
    • tool to break <nameBlock>
    • <nameItem>
  • <position> can be :
    • rx,y,z : relative position
    • <absolute position>
    • rx,y,z+<absolute position>
    • nearest reachable position <position>
  • <absolute position> can be :
    • x,y,z : absolute position
    • adapted <entity> : adapted position for shooting with a bow
    • <entity>
    • <block>
  • <block> can be :
    • nearest block <nameBlock>
    • nearest block *: any nearest block
  • <entity> can be :
    • nearest mob <mob>
    • nearest mob * : any nearest mob
    • nearest visible mob <mob>
    • nearest visible mob * : any nearest visible mob
    • nearest reachable mob <mob>
    • nearest reachable mob * : any nearest reachable mob
    • nearest object <object>
    • nearest object * : any nearest object
    • nearest reachable object <object>
    • nearest reachable object * : any nearest reachable object
    • me
    • bot
    • player <playerName>
  • <mob> can be :
    • spider
    • enderman
    • creeper
    • ...
  • <condition> can be :
    • at <position>
    • have <number> <nameItem>
    • close of <blockName>
    • <position> is empty
    • <position> is not empty

Interesting use of commands

  • repeat spiral down done : build a spiral staircase from y=64 to y=0
  • attack everymob : attack mobs close from the mob
  • repeat dig forward r0,0,1 done : if you want to build a tunnel (not stopped by gravel, but can die from drowning)
  • come
  • scome
  • repeat do raise chicken then wait 1000 done done
  • stop repeat do raise chicken then wait 1000 done done
  • repeat look at me done
  • repeat shoot nearest reachable mob done : kill close mobs
  • repeat shoot me done : kill you
  • move to nearest reachable position nearest block log
  • follow me
  • stop follow me
  • get log
  • repeat do build shelter then destroy shelter done done : fun
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