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Sketch Nib UI Template Plugin

This repository contains a template/example Sketch plugin whose UI is built in Interface Builder (and output as a .nib file, hence the name). The .nib is then loaded in through CocoaScript using some pretty brittle hackery, so beware.

Updated library version for skpm users

If you're using the fantastic skpm build tool for your plugin, there's a new, far-simplified way to do this:

Get started with sketch-nibui

Updated version from aparajita

There's an updated version of sketch-nibui.js in aparajita's sketch-style-master project; check it out!


Interface builder

Running plugin


  1. Clone the repository.
  2. Open up SketchNibUITemplate.xcodeproj in XCode and in Interface Builder, modify SketchNibUITemplate.xib to the UI you want for your plugin.
  3. Add some view property definitions in DummyNibOwner.m so you could reference views in your UI from CocoaScript.
  4. In Interface Builder, open up the File's Owner object and in the Connections inspector, connect the outlet for the properties you just defined to the actual views in the UI you made.
  5. In Interface Builder, click File > Export and change the File Format to Interface Builder Cocoa NIB.
  6. Save the .nib as your.sketchplugin/Contents/Resources/UIBundle/Contents/Resources/MyNibUI.nib.
  7. Update your CocoaScript file to load in the extra view properties (such as exampleButton).

Also don't forget to update the plugin manifest to give your plugin a unique name, ID, etc.


A template/example Sketch plugin with a UI built in Interface Builder and connected to CocoaScript through black magic




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