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A Slack Skin for Reddit
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Redackt | A Slack Skin for Reddit

Hey Slackers!

Inspired by pcottle's MSOutlookit, I decided to build my own Slack-like skin for Reddit. Now you can pretend to be messaging your colleagues, while actually browsing your favorite subreddit. This was my first big project in React, but it was a lot of fun and taught me a lot. I'm also making it completely open source so you guys can help me make this a truly wonderful time-waster! I've listed a problem and TO-DO section below if there's anything in particular you want to tackle. Disclaimer: Obviously, I don't own Reddit or Slack, just wanted to make something cool combining the two!

Light Mode

Light Mode

Dark Mode

Dark Mode


I wanted to bring in as much functionality as possible, while staying true to the features that Slack and Reddit offer, such as:

  • Dark Mode - Click the gear wheel icon to turn on dark mode.
  • Threads - Click the title of any post, or the thread button to open up the comments for that post.
  • Sorting - Sort posts by top, hot, new, controversial, and rising by clicking the dropdown in the header.
  • Add/Remove Subreddits - Click on the plus sign next to channels, or click in the "Add Sub" box, type in a subreddit, and hit enter.
  • Load More - To not overload the API, I've limited the default posts to 10 posts, but if you press the plus button at the bottom, you can load more posts.
  • Search - It doesn't give you a lot right now, but you can search posts in the subreddit you're in.
  • Preferences - If you set Dark Mode or add/remove subs, you'll get a small cookie to save your settings so your preferences are there when you come back.
  • Likes/Gildings - See how many likes and awards posts and comments got with the emojis underneath.

Working on the project:

Just clone the project and run yarn start! I'll approve any PR's that seem appropriate and push them to the server!

Problems / To-Do List:

  • Missing Comments - When opening the thread, you'll sometimes notice that the bottom one is missing a comment. This has to do with the response you get from Reddit, but I'm not sure how to fix it.
  • Lazy Loader - The lazy loader for media elements seems a bit too lazy at times? Especially on mobile. It could be my server, but I could be missing something.
  • Image sizes - The JSON response I get from Reddit provides URL's for image resolutions, but they're not accessible for some reason. This makes certain image files way too large and makes the app seem laggy.
  • Weird click event and style bugs - Sometimes weird stuff happens. Like when you click to open a thread twice, it can make the search bar disappear.
  • "User" thumbnails - I'm randomizing user thumbnails, but don't particularly like how they load differently every time you open a thread.

I'd like to add:

  • Search Improvements - Reddit search needs some work in general, but my version of it needs some UI improvements at least.
  • Image Expander - The way images expand right now doesn't pull any additional info from the message, that'd be cool to add.
  • An actual backend - I'd like to make this a fully functioning app with the ability to post comments, integrate OAuth to login, and use a DB to store preferences. That's a lot though, so figured I'd start with what I have.
  • Star function - It'd be cool to have a "starred" list for your favorite subs.
  • Refactoring - Being my first React project, I'm sure I could do things better and cleaner.
  • More media formas - Right now, an image will only generate if the response contains .PNG or .JPG. GIFS are loaded via a video tag. I'm certain there's better ways to get more media types in.


I've never done this before, so I'm not entirely sure what collaboration looks like or is supposed to look like. You can fork the project or I guess hit me up if you want to join the slacker cause! Contact me at or message u/RusskiRoman on reddit with any questions!

Shameful Plug: If this project helps you "slack" off at work, teaches you something, or you appreciate crappy code and want to support this project: You can buy me a cup of coffee or help get me out of soul-crushing student debt here:

Venmo: @Roman-Parkhomenko

CashApp: $RomanParkhomenko

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