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Examples and projects for Explorer Hat Tricks
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Examples for Explorer Hat Tricks


Disclaimer: I have been a follower and customer of Pimoroni for years, but I have no official connection with them.

Please don't ask them for support in relation to this code!

What this repository contains

Examples and projects for Explorer Hat Tricks - an ebook about the Pimoroni Explorer Hat Pro

Treaffic Lights Example

What you will need

  1. A Raspberry Pi model zero/zero W (with headers), B+, 2B, 3B, 3B+ or 4 running Raspbian buster.
  2. A Pimoroni Explorer HAT Pro. You can run most examples and projects with the original Explorer HAT or the Explorer pHAT; the ones that require a HAT Pro will be identified in their documentation.
  3. The parts from a Pimoroni Explorer Hat Parts kit


This code has been tested using python3, though python2 would probably be OK.

  1. Install Pimoroni's Explorer Hat Library using these instructions
  2. Clone this repository or download and unzip into a directory of your choice.

Using the examples

  1. Navigate to the example or project you want to run
  2. Wire up the example
  3. Run the relevant script

For instance, to run the traffic light project once you have wired it up, open a terminal window, change to the relevant directory and run python3

Use Ctl-C to quit the example.

The console should look like this: Terminal session

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