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Welcome to the ajax_pagination wiki!

Introduction and Background


The documentation can be found at RDoc which contains a large amount of detailed information about the Rails API (not all of which is covered below).

The guides below are useful to find out how to use the gem, and how things fit together.

General Usage Guides:

Please note, some of the guides are without links - they haven't been created. However, they do give an idea of missing content. You are welcome to begin writing one of these missing guides. Please do not ask for guides unless they would help with core usage. However, feel free to add them if you are writing it.

Beginner Simple How-to Guides

Intermediate Includes more detail on using specific features

Advanced For the power user

  • Tweaking browser history behaviour with the reload option

Installation Guides:

Design Decisions

The following is again more of a wishlist that I can add to when I have time