Reusable character classes restricted to ASCII.
Perl 6
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US-ASCII - ASCII restricted character classes based on Perl 6 predefined classes and ABNF/RFC5234 Core.



say so /<US-ASCII::alpha>/ for <A À 9>; # True, False, False

grammar IPv6 does US-ASCII-UC {
    token h16 { <HEXDIG> ** 1..4}
# False, True, True, False, False
say so IPv6.parse($_, :rule<h16>) for ('DÉÃD', 'BEEF', 'A0', 'A๐', 'a0');

grammar SQL_92 does US-ASCII-UC {
    token unsigned-integer { <DIGIT>+ }
# True, False
say so SQL_92.parse($_, :rule<unsigned-integer>) for ('42', '42');

say so /<ALPHA>/ for <A À 9>; # True, False, False


This module provides regex character classes restricted to ASCII including the predefined character classes of Perl 6 and some ABNF (RFC 5234) Core rules. The module defines two sets of named regexes to avoid readability issues with long upper case names. The US-ASCII grammar defines most character classes in lower case for direct use without composition as in the first SYNOPSIS example. The US-ASCII-UC role defines all character classes in upper case and is intended for composition into grammars. Upper case US-ASCII tokens may be imported with the import tag :UC. Composition of upper case named regex/tokens does not override the predefined Perl 6 character classes and conforms better to RFC 5234 ABNF, facilitating use with grammars of other internet standards based on that RFC. Unlike RFC 5234, and some existing Perl 6 implementations of it, US-ASCII rules are very rarely defined by ordinal values and mostly use, hopefully clearer, Perl 6 character ranges and names.

Named Regex (token)

Shared by both US-ASCII and US-ASCII-UC

  • LF
  • CR
  • SP (space)
  • BIT ('0' or '1')
  • CHAR (Anything in US-ASCII other than NUL)

Named Regex (token) in differing case in US-ASCII and US-ASCII-UC/(import tag :UC)

Almost all are based on predefined Perl 6 character classes.

  • alpha / ALPHA
  • upper / UPPER
  • lower / LOWER
  • digit / DIGIT
  • xdigit / XDIGIT
  • hexdig / HEXDIG # ABNF 0..9A..F (but not a..f)
  • alnum / ALNUM
  • punct / PUNCT
  • graph / GRAPH
  • blank / BLANK
  • space / SPACE
  • print / PRINT
  • cntrl / CNTRL
  • vchar / VCHAR # ABNF \x[21]..\x[7E] visible (printing) chars
  • wb / WB
  • ww / WW

Named Regex (token) in US-ASCII-UC/(import tag :UC) only useful for ABNF

  • HTAB

To do

There are a few more Perl 6 predefined classes and ABNF rules that could be added.