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Fake.Br Corpus


Hello! Thank you for using our corpus!

Here you may find 3 folders, with two of them containing versions of the same corpus:

  • full_texts folder, which contains the full texts, as collected from their websites. Inside this folder, there are 4 more folders:

    • fake folder: it contains the collected fake news;
    • true folder: it contains the collected true news;
    • fake-meta-information folder: it contains the metadata information of each fake news;
    • true-meta-information folder: it contains the metadata information of each true news;

    The files in the fake and true metadata information folders follow the following model (line by line):

     date of publication
     number of tokens
     number of words without punctuation
     number of types
     number of links inside the news
     number of words in upper case
     number of verbs
     number of subjuntive and imperative verbs
     number of nouns
     number of adjectives
     number of adverbs
     number of modal verbs (mainly auxiliary verbs)
     number of singular first and second personal pronouns
     number of plural first personal pronouns
     number of pronouns
     number of characters
     average sentence length
     average word length
     percentage of news with speeling errors

    To find the aligned true and fake news pairs is very simple, as they are equally numbered/named inside their folders.

  • size_normalized_texts folder, which contains the truncated texts, where, in each fake-true pair, the longer text is truncated (in number of words) to the size of the shorter text. This version of the corpus may be useful for avoiding bias in machine learning experiments.

  • preprocessed folder, which contains a CSV file containing news label and pre-processed news text, such as removed portuguese stopwords, accent and diacritic (text normalization, contribution by @GuilhermeZaniniMoreira)

Finally, if you use our corpus, please include a citation to our project website and the corresponding paper published in PROPOR 2018 conference:

Monteiro R.A., Santos R.L.S., Pardo T.A.S., de Almeida T.A., Ruiz E.E.S., Vale O.A. (2018) Contributions to the Study of Fake News in Portuguese: New Corpus and Automatic Detection Results. In: Villavicencio A. et al. (eds) Computational Processing of the Portuguese Language. PROPOR 2018. Lecture Notes in Computer Science, vol 11122. Springer, Cham

or our paper published in Expert Systems with Applications:

Silva, Renato M., Santos R.L.S, Almeida T.A, and Pardo T.A.S. (2020) "Towards Automatically Filtering Fake News in Portuguese." Expert Systems with Applications, vol 146, p. 113199.


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title = "Towards automatically filtering fake news in Portuguese",
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We introduce the Fake.Br Corpus, which is composed of aligned true and fake news written in Brazilian Portuguese.






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