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User Information

There are some particular nuances around certain forum events and notifications that might be confusing to users. These include the following.

  • Some events, such as post deletion, do not indicate who took the action (user or moderator)
  • If a particular topic or post is not publically visible when an event occurs on it, no Discord notification will be generated.
  • If a moderate locks or unlocks multiple topics in a single transaction, no Discord notification will be generated (unlike notifications for a single topic that changed)
  • Post previews can be messy due to the HTML/BBcode formatting that Discord does not interpret.
  • Some notifications may never arrive if your forums generate a short burst of activity (more than 5 notifications within a 5 second period result in dropped messages).
  • User creation notifications are a bit complicated. If a board instantly activates users upon account creation, a notification will be sent. User create notifications are always sent when an inactive user account is active (the message assumes its a new account, although this may not always be the case).

Feature Requests

If there's a particular notification or other feature that you'd like to request, open up an issue. Note that notifications can only be generated based on the supported phpBB events listed here.

Developer Information

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