@fmichonneau fmichonneau released this Mar 4, 2017 · 71 commits to master since this release

New features

  • The function get_study_subtree gains the argument tip_label to control the formatting of the tip labels, #90, reported by @bomeara
  • The new function is_in_tree takes a list of OTT ids (i.e., the output of ott_id()), and returns a vector of logical indiicating whether they are included in the synthetic tree (workaround #31).

Bug fixes

  • The function get_study_subtree ignored the argument subtree_id, #89 reported by @bomeara

Other chaanges

  • citation("rotl") now includes the reference to the Open Tree of Life publication.
  • The "How to use rotl?" vignette was updated to document the behavior of v3 of the OTL API which returns an HTTP error code 400 when the request for induced subtree includes taxa that are not in the synthetic tree (fix #84)
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