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.github Added an issue template Oct 26, 2017
_drafts add bikedata draft blog entry (#351) Oct 17, 2017
_includes remove gplus icon Oct 3, 2017
_layouts nf shared post up Sep 1, 2017
_plugins fixed missing textreuse mention in lincolns profile, fixes for jekyll 3 Nov 2, 2015
_posts added bikedata post Oct 17, 2017
about added stefanie to about#staff page, and to parser for posts yaml meta… Oct 11, 2016
ambassadors ambassador program is closed, fix #83 Sep 16, 2015
assets add bikedata draft blog entry (#351) Oct 17, 2017
blog-pt fixed multiauthor problem in blogposts, new yaml header for authors, c… Oct 23, 2014
blog fix #267 Nov 2, 2016
cache added 14 tutorials to tutorials/ page Sep 1, 2016
careers Removed cm position Sep 7, 2016
community added new comm. members, fix #250 Aug 23, 2016
docs Addded another copy of anti harassment to make it work from the old l… Aug 15, 2014
donate Updated Numfocus logo and payment system Mar 7, 2016
fellowships DO NOT MERGE YET: Closing out the fellowships (#344) Sep 2, 2017
packages remove rgeospatialquality from packages pg Sep 8, 2017
public_images updated footer image Jul 12, 2017
related small change to related pkgs page, navbar on left not quite right though Apr 25, 2014
showcase started template layout and header for showcase, and started showcase… Aug 26, 2014
static make syntax font slightly smaller Sep 7, 2017
tech-notes added isdparser post, removed localization button group from technotes Nov 3, 2016
tutorials update rdataretriever tutorial with language about updating Mar 14, 2017
usecases removed old rgbif gistmap files Dec 22, 2014
.gitignore Updated ignore list Feb 8, 2017
.htaccess Cleaning up .htaccess (don't need redirects to old surveys) Apr 20, 2015
.ruby-version started updating rbison tutorial, but apis down right now, #61 Mar 7, 2015
404.html Fixed relative path to contact form. Apr 24, 2014
Dockerfile update maintainer line Apr 13, 2015
Gemfile udpate redcarpet version May 16, 2017
Gemfile.lock udpate redcarpet version May 16, 2017
LICENSE Fixed year on license Oct 3, 2014
Makefile blog post about 'magick' 1.0 release Aug 14, 2017 Updated README Oct 26, 2017
_config.yml update package pg, lots of new pkgs and some now on cran Jul 24, 2017
anti-harassment.html Updated anti-harassment Apr 24, 2014
archives.html added exclude pt posts from archives page Jun 3, 2014
circle.yml build on container without linking directories Apr 1, 2015
contact.html Fixed username Dec 21, 2015
contact_old.html Playing with the old form Jun 9, 2014
data-access.html started data access theme file Dec 4, 2014
data-visualization.html Removed fui down Apr 23, 2014 permit script to execute Jan 5, 2016
feed.R.xml make the "R" tag case insensitive Mar 13, 2017
feed.ecology.xml removed layout: rss-feed from all rss feed xml files, seems to work f… Sep 9, 2014 #239 added author element in feed.xml and other rss templates May 26, 2016
feed.xml fix broken feed Aug 15, 2017
fellowship-faq.html Updated fellowship faq Aug 24, 2017 added 14 tutorials to tutorials/ page Sep 1, 2016
index.html Add hyphens Dec 23, 2015
logos.html Added the logos page. fixes #49 Nov 24, 2014
old-travis.yml turn off travis deploy and let's see if github can also build this fi… Jan 8, 2016
related_links.html Fixed template in related links page Apr 24, 2014
related_packages.html added relative URLs. Apr 24, 2014
resources.html changed link to google discuss forum to on resou… Jan 2, 2015
tags.html Fixed the tags page. Apr 24, 2014
tutorials.html Added some style to help tutorial menu collapse on small screens Apr 23, 2014

'ropensci website'

This is old repo for rOpenSci's website. To contribute to the site please visit our new repo roweb2 and add your contributions there. If you wish to access the old site (locked on October 26, 2017) visit


For more information see the LICENSE file. © rOpenSci 2014