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This repo is a small working example of a React-Redux app with Typescript. Can be used:

  • As a starter for own project
  • To learn the basics of React-Redux
  • To start with Typescript

This repo includes a simple express server, in order to have a fully functional example. This example was build using TypeScript-React-Starter

  1. To run tests:

    • For testing, jest is used.
    • For integration testing (with Backend) a server with static (hardcoded) responses is used.
    • Run npm run static-backend, that runs a server with hardcoded responses
    • Run npm run test to run tests.
  2. To run the example:

    • Run npm run server, which will start a server that stores data in memory.
    • Run npm run watch-css to run a watcher for sass.
    • Run npm run start to start the app
    • Go to localhost:3000
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