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ROS build farm based on Docker

This repository contains the scripts and templates to generate Jenkins jobs or alternatively shell scripts to run jobs locally. Please look in the doc folder for more information about how to invoke the job generation and an explanation of the different job types.

The ROS build farm is using Docker for each step in the process. It is based on the ROS distro specification REP 143 and uses a separate repository to configure the jobs being generated (e.g. ros-infrastructure/ros_buildfarm_config).

If you are going to use any of the provided infrastructure please consider watching the buildfarm Discourse category in order to receive notifications e.g. about any upcoming changes.

For quick reference to run scripts:

Check Sync Criteria

./scripts/release/ melodic default ubuntu bionic amd64

Audit rosdistro

./scripts/release/ --cache-dir /tmp/rosdistrocache noetic