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A ROSE 2013 project rose.eu.org


WaDeD stands for Walking Dead Drops. A dead drops is an espionage method, which point is to leave a message in a secret location, known by only the receiver, and he will come and take the message at the specific place. WaDeD takes this concept and improves it, with the advantages of the wireless technologies. WaDeD is composed of two kinds of modules, some fixed and some mobiles carried by users. The users use the mobiles one connected to their Android, and thanks to an app, they will be able to send a message to someone and leave it in a fixed module. But wireless technologies offers more, and even spies would rather not move to get a message. So we are going to use every WaDeD modules as a drop box and will stock every message send. The network don't have a fixed structure, we have no idea were the receiver is located or if he is even reachable, so every message will flood the network increasing the chance to deliver the message.

WaDeD is a mesh-network, allowing friends to communicate between them, without using 3G network, or any usual paying network.

In the descriptions of the project, the fixed modules are called "Stones" and the mobiles "Zombies".

The compatibility with Android couldn't be made, because of difficulties to communicate through USB between Android and the WaDeD. The Application proposed here used a computer to add and received messages from the network.


  • About the protocol of synchronisation

    see documents/protocol/

  • About using this project

    see HOW_TO_USE.md

  • Website



Delanoue Sacha

Lambein Patrick

Lefevre Hubert

Terra Delboni Pedro


Polti Alexis

Tardieu Samuel