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(VS Code) WordPress theme.json CSS Autosuggest


This extension for Visual Studio Code simplifies working with design tokens defined in the theme.json file used by WordPress themes. It solves the problem of having to constantly refer back to your theme.json file for design token names, as well as having to remember all of the prefixes WordPress uses for different settings when they get converted to CSS Custom Properties.


  • Automatically finds any theme.json files in your workspace. If multiple files are detected, you'll be asked to select a theme.json file to use for autosuggestions. In a future version this extension will automatically find the theme.json file nearest to the file you're working in.
  • Updates suggestions whenever theme.json is saved.
  • Provides property value details in suggestions so that you can see what values are set in theme.json at a glance


The extension can be installed in two ways: manually via the .vsix file included in all releases, and through the Extension Marketplace


This extension will only work inside of a folder or file workspace.

Extension Settings

This extension contributes the following settings:

  • wordpressThemeJsonCssAutosuggest.enable: Enable/disable this extension.
  • wordpressThemeJsonCssAutosuggest.themeJsonPath: The path to the theme directory. Leave blank to use the workspace root.

Known Issues

  • Currently, the only way to change which theme.json file to use in a multi-theme workspace is to clear out wordpressThemeJsonCssAutosuggest.themeJsonPath manually.


A VS Code extension that adds CSS autocomplete for design tokens added to your WordPress theme's theme.json







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