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Quick and easy task based logging for Clojure.

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An experimental, task based logging library.

Log messages are sent to a named channel. These channels are organized into a hierarchy, and channels can be connected to various output mechanisms such as the console or a file.


(require '[logjam.core :as log])

; Create a log channel named :foo
(log/channel :foo)

; Create another log channel :bar, that is a child of :foo.
; All messages sent to bar will be forward up to :foo also.
(log/channel :bar :foo)

; Output channel :foo to the console
(log/console :foo)

; Output channel :bar to a file
(log/file :bar "example.log")

; Send some log messages
(log/to :foo "log message...")
(log/to :foo "log message..." 1 2 3)
(log/to :bar "another log message...")

(defn foo 
  [a b] 
  (+ a b))

; spy can be used to log the execution of expressions
(log/spy :foo (foo 1 2))


Add this to your project.clj:

[logjam "0.1.0-SNAPSHOT"]


Copyright (C) 2010 Jeff Rose

Distributed under the Eclipse Public License, the same as Clojure.

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