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Docker-ized PhantomJS 2

A Dockerfile to build PhantomJS 2.0.0 for Linux from source.

How do I get the image?

There is an Automated Build on, so getting the image is easy:

docker pull rosenhouse/phantomjs2:latest

How do I use it?

Option 1: Run it from inside a Docker container

docker run rosenhouse/phantomjs2 phantomjs -v

Option 2: Extract the binary so you can run it without Docker

  1. Install run-time dependencies

     apt-get install -y libicu-dev libfontconfig1-dev libjpeg-dev libfreetype6
  2. Extract binary

     docker pull rosenhouse/phantomjs2:latest
     docker run -name temp rosenhouse/phantomjs2
     docker cp temp:phantomjs/phantomjs-2.0.0/bin/phantomjs ~/phantomjs
  3. Run

     ~/phantomjs -v