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An extension to allow Bolt's relations to become sortable
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Sortable Relations for Bolt

Experimental warning - read details below

This extension allows you to mark relations as being sortable. The sort order is persisted to the database.

You can only use this on relations that are marked as: multiple: true

For the example as used in the screenshots, here's the relevant entry in contenttypes.yml.

          multiple: true
          sortable: true
          label: Select related pages

The important addition is the sortable: true after adding this your relations they will become sortable.

Experimental Warning

This extension has not yet been tested by a large audience, and as such it may carry a few risks.

Firstly the extension will modify one of Bolt's core database tables. Should you uninstall the extension the extra database columns will be removed and any sorting data will be lost. Since the extension is working on a core database table there are fewer protections against data loss implemented. Keep backups of important data during usage.

Secondly, relations in Bolt are not necessarily one-way, at present, this extension is only able to handle sorting in one direction and so in cases where you enable sortable on both directions of the join, you may get unexpected results.

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