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Rotators' FOnline tools

This repository contains various tools created by Rotators for use with the FOnline Engine SDK.

Check each projects readme file for a more in-depth description of each tool:

  • CodeAnalyzer [C#, C++] - Tools for parsing FOnline server's profiler files.
  • DATLib [C#] - A library for reading and writing Fallout 2 DAT files.
  • FOCommon [C#] - A library written for interacting with gamedata.
  • LogParser [C++] - A small utility for scanning the server log for errors and exceptions.
  • MacGyver [C#] - A tool for editing crafting recipes.
  • ObjectEditor [C#] - A tool for editing items/objects.
  • SolutionTools [C#, C++] - A set of tools for integrating FOnline AS into MSVC.
  • ScriptHost [C#] - A wrapper around the excellent C# Script execution engine by Oleg Shilo, making it easy to implement script support in other C# applications.
  • TiledMapper [C#] - A big-tile based mapper for creating FOnline maps.
  • WorldEditor [C#] - WorldEditor is an editor for the FOnline engine, created to make the development process more accessible and faster. It can handle most gamedata.