MUSIC Dataset from The Sound of Pixels (ECCV '18)
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MUSIC Dataset from Sounds of Pixels

This repo contains the YouTube video IDs for the videos used in Sounds of Pixels. Currently, the dataset is at version 1.0, although it will be updated later with more instruments. 'MUSIC_solo_videos.json' contains the YouTube video IDs for the solo performances of each instrument listed in the paper. 'MUSIC_duet_videos.json' contains the YouTube video IDs for the duet performances listed in the paper.

If you use the dataset or code from the project, please cite:

      title={The Sound of Pixels},
      author={Zhao, Hang and Gan, Chuang and Rouditchenko, Andrew and Vondrick, Carl and McDermott, Josh and Torralba, Antonio},
      journal={arXiv preprint arXiv:1804.03160},