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A Complete Guide to the Dark Mode Toggle: A Demo
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The Complete Guide to the Dark Mode Toggle

You may have noticed that Dark Mode is becoming more and more a thing. In this article, I provide a complete guide to adding Dark Mode to your website.

Best Practices to Unlock the Dark Side

Recently, Chris Coyier at CSS-Tricks threw down the gauntlet for anyone who was about "to write a blog post about dark mode." He listed 10 points that would need to be covered.

  • Explain Dark Mode
  • Provide a demo
  • Explain that Dark Mode can happen at the operating system level itself
  • Show how JavaScript can know about the OS-level choice
  • Let the user have ultimate say over color preference
  • Build a theme switcher, including gotchas
  • See who else is building Dark Mode toggles
  • See who else is writing about it
  • Discuss what is and isn't supported
  • Make accessibility a main concern

In my post, "The Complete Guide to the Dark Mode Toggle," I aim to cover all 10 points (covering some better than others). I offer what I've found to be the best practices for implementing a dark mode toggle, and this repo serves a demo for those best practices.

Check out the Dark Mode Toggle demo.

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