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openFrameworks addon. lets you save and load all the parameters of any ofCamera of ofEasyCam object.
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Simple openFrameworks addon that lets you save and load all the parameters of any ofCamera, ofEasyCam or ofNode object.


The API of this addon is extremelly simple and it just consists of a few functions. First, remember to include this addon either in the .h or .cpp file in which you wish to use it. #include "ofxCameraSaveLoad.h"

Then for saving call

bool ofxSaveCamera(const ofCamera &cam, string savePath);
bool ofxSaveCamera(const ofEasyCam &cam, string savePath);
bool ofxSaveCamera(const ofNode &node, string savePath);

Where you pass the camera or ofNode object that you want to save, and the directory where it is going to be saved

Loading is quite much the same.

bool ofxLoadCamera(ofEasyCam &cam, string loadPath);
bool ofxLoadCamera(ofCamera &cam, string loadPath);
bool ofxLoadCamera(ofNode &node, string loadPath);


Read the file.


If you download the zip, unzip and put in the openFrameworks/addons/ folder. For cloning, in terminal run:

cd <your/openframeworks/folder>/addons
git clone




  • v1
    0072 should also work (not tested).

  • v2
    version 0.9.8 onwards. Automatically supports v0.10 as well (and GLM) through preprocessor macro.

Known issues

none for current version.

Version history

Version 1 (~2013):

First version.

Version 2 (4/7/2017):

Updated for OF v0.9.8

  • Simplified the whole loading and saving mechanism.
  • Old saved files should still work.
  • Updated example
  • Support for OF v0.10 (unreleased yet)
  • Supports GLM on v0.10

Version 3 (6/10/2018):

Updated for openFrameworks v0.10

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