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RedPanda C++

Red Panda C++ (Old name: Red Panda Dev-C++ 7) is an fast ,lightweight, open source, and cross platform C++ IDE.

Simplified Chinese Website:

English Website:

New Features (Compared with Red Panda Dev-C++ 6):

  • Cross Platform (Windows/Linux)
  • Problem Set (run and test program against predefined input / expected output data)
  • Competitve Companion support ( It's an chrome/firefox extension that can fetch problems from OJ websites)
  • Find symbol occurrences
  • Memory View for debugging
  • TODO View

UI Improvements:

  • Full high-dpi support, including fonts and icons
  • Better dark theme support
  • Better editor color scheme support
  • Redesigned Find/Replace in Files UI
  • Redesigned bookmark UI

Editing Improvements:

  • Enhanced auto indent
  • Enhanced code completion
  • Better code folding support

Debuging Improvements:

  • Use gdb/mi interface
  • Enhanced watch
  • gdbserver mode

Code Intellisense Improvements:

  • Better support identifiers for complex expressions
  • Support UTF-8 identifiers
  • Support C++ 14 using type alias
  • Support C-Style enum variable definitions
  • Support MACRO with arguments

And many other improvements and bug fixes. See for full informantion.