Monitoring and Management Web Application for ElasticSearch instances and clusters.
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If you would like to contribute to this project, please start working on tasks and creating pull requests.

Elasticsearch 5.0

Currently work is being done to make ElasticHQ compatible with ES 5.0.


Monitoring, Management, and Querying Web Interface for ElasticSearch instances and clusters.


  • Active real-time monitoring of ElasticSearch clusters and nodes.
  • Manage Indices, Mappings, Shards, Aliases, and Nodes.
  • Query UI for searching one or multiple Indices.
  • REST UI, eliminates the need for cURL and cumbersome JSON formats.
  • No software to install/download. 100% web browser-based.
  • Optimized to work on mobile phones, tablets, and other small screen devices.
  • Easy to use and attractive user interface.
  • Free (as in Beer)

Getting Started

There are several ways to use ElasticHQ. The full list and help are available here:

Version Compatibility

Elasticsearch Version ElasticHQ Branch Latest HQ Version
<=1.7 1.0 v1.0.0
>=2.x 2.0 v2.0.3

ElasticHQ master branch, always contains the latest releases supporting the latest Elasticsearch. In this case, Master supports Elasticsearch 2.x+.

Plugin Installation

Navigating to your elasticsearch/bin directory and using the appropriate release tag or the master branch for ES 2.x users:

./plugin install royrusso/elasticsearch-HQ

Or for a specific branch:

./plugin install royrusso/elasticsearch-HQ/v1.0.0


  • A Web Browser.
  • A running instance of ElasticSearch with reachable REST endpoint.


You can find helpful build tips for local development tips in the Development Guide

Notes + Support


See included License File.