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          !!!               Warning                     !!!
          !!! This program may generate electronic      !!!
          !!! sounds which might damage your speakers.  !!!
          !!! Use the software at your own risk.        !!!

The online manual for AlsaModularSynth is found at

The files in the instruments folder are patches that have a Parameter View
GUI in addition to the parameter dialogs of the modules. Each instrument has 
several presets that can be selected via MIDI program change or in the
Parameter View dialog.

The files in the tutorial folder feature a complete tutorial on modular
synthesis with many commented examples which you can use for own

The files in the demos folder demonstrate certain modules or special sounds.
Note that some of these patches are monophonic, i.e. work only with poly 1.

AlsaModularSynth 1.8.5 features a new module Analogue Driver. This emulates
the oscillator drift effects present in analogue electronic circuits and also 
includes a voice detune. The detune and drift amplitudes are always displayed
in the configuration dialog of the module. Note that these values are
normalized to 1.0. The actual detune/drift depends on the Amplitude parameter  
in the Parameter tab. The amplitude is measured in Volt, the maximum of
0.084 is a tiny bit more than a semitone. The rate is measured in Hz. 
The drift/detune process is a modified random walk where random coefficients
are generated at the detune/drift rate. These coefficients are multiplied by
the Modulation parameter (divided by the sample rate) and then added to the
current detune/drift amplitude (for each sample). These detune/drift 
amplitudes are added to the input CV and the sum is then passed to the 
outputs. The Autotune button will reset detune/drift amplitudes.

If you start with a fresh cvs checkout, please first apply

  autoreconf -i

to get a proper configure script. For more instructions about compiling
and installing this application please refer to the INSTALL file.

Have a lot of fun !

Please send bug reports or any other feedback to 
Matthias Nagorni <>