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Installation Instructions
1) Install railroad-0.5.0 gem:
sudo gem install railroad
2) Replace the railroad gem directory with this get repository:
# clone the repository
cd path/for/repository
git clone git://
# replace the railroad system gem
cd path/to/system/gems
sudo mv railroad-0.5.0 railroad-0.5.0.orig
sudo ln -s /path/for/repository/railroad railroad-0.5.0
That should do it.
1) Tested on Merb 1.0.4 and DataMapper 0.9.7.
2) Only generation for Models and Controllers is supported. The AASM is a rails plugin so did not support AASM graphs.
There is a similar plugin for datamapper (dm-is-state_machine) if anyone wants to tackle it.
3) One caveat, RailRoad needs to be installed as a system gem, not installed into your application. If you really must
have railroad installed as an application gem, then you will need to move:
from your_app/gems/gems/railroad-x.x.x/lib/railroad/merb_framework.rb:
require 'merb-core'
Merb.start_environment(:testing => true, :adapter => 'runner', :environment => ENV['MERB_ENV'] || 'test')
to your_app/bin/railroad after the require statements and before the gem directory stuff.
4) Example merb rake task:
namespace :diagram do
desc 'generate model diagrams'
task :models do
sh "railroad -i -l -a -m -M | neato -Tsvg | sed 's/font-size:14.00/font-size:11.00/g' >
desc 'generate controller diagrams'
task :controllers do
sh "railroad -i -l -C | neato -Tsvg | sed 's/font-size:14.00/font-size:11.00/g' >
desc 'generate model and controller diagrams'
task :diagrams => %w(diagram:models diagram:controllers)
5) The merb environment detection assumes that your application has a merb sub-directory (your_app/merb/). The current version of merb-gen does create this sub-directory but older projects may need to:
cd your_app
touch merb