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Sublime Tweet

Sublime Tweet is an open source Twitter plugin for Sublime Text 3 editor.

It allows you to read and post tweets right from our favorite Sublime Text 3!

After 2 years of silence, I'm finally updating it to support ST3 and Python 3.3!


  • (11 Feb 2014) Ported to Sublime Text 3, replaced underlying Twitter library, removed proxy support.

  • (29 Feb 2012) Applied some patches, added Back button.

  • (28 Oct 2011) Added proxy availability detection (now if you're using proxy at work you shouldn't turn it off at home, Sublime Tweet will handle it). Timeline now downloads in background and Sublime Text never freezes.

  • (27 Oct 2011) Added proxy support to authorization

  • (25 Oct 2011) Added proxy support

  • (23 Oct 2011) Added Related tweets and Mark new tweets features

  • (22 Oct 2011) Sublime Tweet now can favorite, retweet, reply and open URLs from tweets!


With Package Control

If you have the Package Control installed, you can install Sublime Tweet from inside Sublime Text. Open the Command Palette and select "Package Control: Install Package", then search for Sublime Tweet and you're done!

Without Package Control

Install Package Control first. Then install Sublime Tweet.

How to tweet

  • Tools → Tweet

  • Tweet in Command Palette

  • { "keys": ["ctrl+alt+shift+t"], "command": "tweet" }

How to read your public timeline, favorite, retweet, reply or open URLs

  • Tools → Read twitter timeline

  • Twitter timeline in Command Palette

  • { "keys": ["ctrl+shift+c"], "command": "read_tweets" }

You'll see a list of latest tweets in your timeline. Just hit Enter on a tweet to favorite, retweet, reply, or open an URL from the tweet.

First run

On the first run of Sublime Tweet you will be prompted to authorize it, don't be surprised. Default browser will be opened automatically, copy code from the page and paste it to text prompt in Sublime Text (on the bottom of the screen).

You should only do it once.


If you like Sublime Tweet you can donate to the author (via PayPal).


Sublime Tweet is an open source twitter plugin for Sublime Text 2 editor. It allows you to tweet right from our favorite Sublime Text 2!






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