Top-down, endless, randomly-generated game with a goal of accounting for modability alongside playability.
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Top-down, endless, randomly-generated game with a goal of accounting for modability alongside playability.

What it will be

RozWorld will be a game focusing on these points:

--> A huge world, generated as the player traverses it. Randomness achieved through generating chunks/tiles as the game wants to load them, resulting in a possibility of a large pool of different lands (areas generated may differ depending on how the player moves along the world).

--> A focus on structures and the environment for more interesting exploration and gameplay, hopefully will be expanded upon as the game is developed and updated.

--> Simple to understand combat and inventory handling/other things related to making stuff generally good. Simplicty is important! A fun combat system, but with at least some kind of learning curve will be a nice thing to achieve.

--> Balancing enemies, items and the world at large with player statistics and chosen difficulty. Important to keep the game fun is the feeling of progression, but also the ever presence of challenge; this is an important thing to achieve!

--> A decent multiplayer structure - playing with others is a large focus of RozWorld, and the current structure (that is that the game is always client-server even in single player) is built to maintain an easy to keep up to date dedicated server as well as P2P servers.

--> A good levelling system, got to have some kind of progression in there...

--> ...and also pets! They will also be able to level up too, and help attack enemies during the game.

--> A good mod structure, ability to edit the basic game data through a decent GUI, as well as a good backend for dealing with external mods, added items/generators and such. This is always being taken into consideration, expect changes to code elements and the like in order to not only make it clean, but also to account for expansion ala updates and mods.

Thanks for checking this out

I thank you for taking the time to check this game out, I also have a website for more in depth updates (occasionally) when I make them. You can find that here:

The game also has its own site at: