This plugin provides the capability to authenticate via github oauth provider. Depends on grails-spring-security-oauth2.
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Spring Security OAuth2 Github Plugin

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Add a Github OAuth2 provider to the Spring Security OAuth2 Plugin by @MatrixCrawler (Johannes Brunswicker).


Add the following dependencies in build.gradle

dependencies {
    compile 'org.grails.plugins:spring-security-oauth2:1.+'
    compile 'org.grails.plugins:spring-security-oauth2-github:1.0.+'


Add this to your application.yml

                        api_key: 'github-client-id'             #needed
                        api_secret: 'github-client-secret'      #needed
                        successUri: "/oauth2/github/success"    #optional
                        failureUri: "/oauth2/github/failure"    #optional
                        callback: "/oauth2/github/callback"     #optional

You can replace the URIs with your own controller implementation.

In your view you can use the taglib exposed from this plugin and from OAuth plugin to create links and to know if the user is authenticated with a given provider:

<oauth2:connect provider="github" id="github-connect-link">Github</oauth2:connect>

Logged with Github?
<oauth2:ifLoggedInWith provider="github">yes</oauth2:ifLoggedInWith>
<oauth2:ifNotLoggedInWith provider="github">no</oauth2:ifNotLoggedInWith>


Apache 2


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