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FindCppcheck fails with cppcheck 1.5.3 #10

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I'm using your cmake-modules to apply cppcheck to our sources (thanks!), however I found a small issue when using cppcheck version 1.5.3.

In cppcheck version 1.5.3, the unused functions test is enabled with: --enable=unusedFunction, however in your Findcppcheck.cmake module you have this as:
(note the additional 's').

I'm not sure what the earlier behaviour was but the current version does not work.
Since this is a trivial fix I haven't created a pull request, but I'll try putting a diff in an additional comment.


diff --git a/Findcppcheck.cmake b/Findcppcheck.cmake
index 02d351b..cf81cd1 100644
-- a/Findcppcheck.cmake
++ b/Findcppcheck.cmake
@@ -103,7 +103,7 @@ if(CPPCHECK_EXECUTABLE)
    if("${CPPCHECK_STYLE_ARG}" STREQUAL "--enable=style")

-           "--enable=unusedFunctions")
+           "--enable=unusedFunction")
        _cppcheck_set_arg_var(CPPCHECK_INFORMATION_ARG "--enable=information")

I experienced the same problem running cppcheck version 1.49. The above patch fixed it for me. Thanks!


Thanks. I should have checked here before starting to debug myself. I too can confirm that the patch fixes 1.5.7.


Year later, still not fixed. Above patch fixes 1.59 too.


Would have been easier to not lose had it been a pull request, sorry. Looks like it got fixed.

@rpavlik rpavlik closed this
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