This repository contains supplementary information and scripts relevant to the paper "Mapping operator sequence to transcription factor binding energy in vivo"
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Mapping operator sequence to transcription factor binding energy

This repository contains all experimental data and programs for the analysis found in "An Allosteric Theory of Transcription Factor Induction" by Stephanie Barnes, Nathan Belliveau, William Ireland, Justin Kinney, and Rob Phillips.

An index for the structure of this repository is given below.


This folder contains the hand-written Python programs for processing, analyzing, and displaying the data presented in this work.

  • analysis/ | Jupyter Notebooks containing Python code and explanation for the analyses described in the supplemental information.

  • utilities/ | Python files containing functions that are useful for various aspects of data analysis.


This folder contains all experimental data used in the publication.

  • models/ | All energy matrix models and associated scaling factors used to map sequence to binding energy.