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MultiWii web configurator
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MultiWii configurator

MultiWii is a open-source software to control multirotors. It is designed to run on 8bit boards like Arduino. When configured, compiled and flashed it turns the board into a flight-controller.

This project aims to simplify and extend the functionality of MultiWii by providing set of packages such as mw-mavlink (that makes MultiWii mavlink capable so you can use i.e. QGroundControl), mw-ws (that allows user to monitor and control MultiWii through a web-browser), mw-ps3 (to fly MultiWii using a PS3 controller), mw-cli (to control it from a command line), or mw-config (to configure, compile and flash MultiWii without the use of any additional programmers).

All of this is achieved through the use of a driver (mw-service) that it designed to run on a auxiliary *nix SoC board like Beagleboard, Raspbery Pi, Odroid, etc (the SoC has to be running an *nix OS)

 ----------                ----------                     Link                      |  QGroundControl |
| MultiWii |  ---uart---  |    SoC   |   - - - - -  Wifi/Bluetooth/etc - - - - - -  |   Web browser   |
 ----------                ----------                                               |    cmd / ps3    |

To make the full use of the functionality it requires the multirotor to carry 2 boards - MW & SoC.

This is a *nix package (part of mw-*nix) that allows users to:
- configure, compile and flash MultiWii through webbrowser
- monitor other MultiWii *nix services like mavlink

It contains set of scripts and a website to be installed on the host board (running *nix).

- *nix board with uart interface (i.e. Raspberry Pi / Beagleboard) 
- local http server (i.e. apache, nginx) with PHP 5.2.0 or greater
- build tools (autotools, libtool, automake, arduino-mk, binutils-avr, gcc-avr, avr-libc)
- for automatic flashing: spi interface and avrdude package

To use the automatic flashing functionality the host board requires to be interfaced with avr over spi.


- ./
- make & sudo make install
- copy www folder into your http folder (suggest to rename it to 'config')
- execute (you might want to run it on every boot i.e. using rc.local)

- open a web browser and navigate to help screen for further instructions if needed

Other notes
This is a script that starts all services that are defined in $(sysconfdir)/mw (i.e. /usr/local/etc/mw)

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