Some little experiments of wiimote remote controller on GNU/Linux
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Python Wiimote Hacks

This repository contains some little experiments with Nintendo Wiimote Remote Control
on GNU/Linux.

My first experiment is a tiny modular wiimote based remote control application:

* pywiimote-control


This tiny python application, based on cwiid python bindings, is born to address some wminput's
limitations :-(

      wminput can't send complex key shortcuts (es. Ctrl-Alt-Left)


* wmcompiz: send compiz dbus messages
* wmsendkeys: send key shortcut with xtest api
* wmdesktop: wmcompiz wmsendkeys
* wmmidi_guitar: connect to zynaddsubfx midi input and emulate a guitar (wiimote nunchuk)
* wmmidi_drums: connect to hydrogen midi input and emulate drums (wiimote nunchuk)
* wmdummy: do nothing :-P

So i've coded a little module to send key (and complex key shortcut) and dbus message to compiz
dbus module.

You can use this module to control your desktop during presentations ;-)

Later... a video on youtube of drums and guitar emulations with wiimote custom application...
I need it... on my GNU/Linux box... NOW!!!

My approach to musical instrument simulations based on wiimote and nunchuk gesture is different from
the applications I've seen googling around:

I don't want that wonderful...shiny... gui interfaces... wiimote is different user interaction
we can do it better :-)
I want a tiny application as platform to rapid experiments on different calibration solutions
or gesture recognition... I don't want to code a gui... I don't want to code a synthetizer...
I don't want 40000 code lines of gothic architecture code :-D

I want a 2-line-modular-application to experiment tiny-little-incremental-absolutely-empirical
gesture recognition for musical instrument simulations (yes... I'm crazy... I0m really crazy ;-)).

The trick is to outsourcing the synthesis phase to real professionals in the area ;-)

* zynaddsubfx (guitar)
* hydrogen (drums)


* cwiid (and the included python bindings)
* pyportmidi
* pycompiz
* python-xlib
* zynaddsubfx
* hydrogen
* jack


Just 4 fun :-D