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build Fix ancient memleaks on error paths of expression parsing Aug 15, 2018
ci Ensure /usr/bin/python is present in the CI environment Jun 12, 2018
db3 Remove BDB RPC "support" Sep 21, 2009
doc Add shortcut to --nodebuginfo Aug 20, 2018
fileattrs fileattrs: Add attr for pythondistdeps Aug 2, 2018
lib Actually remember weak dependencies in transaction elements (RhBug:15… Aug 16, 2018
luaext Fix out-of-tree build regression Jun 27, 2018
misc Revert "Only build bundled fts if system has a bad version that doesn… Aug 10, 2017
plugins ima: Also apply signatures to config files Feb 12, 2018
po Update Polish plural forms Nov 3, 2017
python rpm.spec's .prep seems to be an attribute. Aug 8, 2018
rpmio Clean up and improve rpmlog error handling + reporting Aug 7, 2018
scripts Add missing documentation for --jobs in find-debuginfo.sh Aug 9, 2018
sign Plug the last data "leak" from rpmlead Apr 18, 2018
tests Add shortcut to --nodebuginfo Aug 20, 2018
tools debugedit: Only try to collect comp_dir in phase zero. Mar 12, 2018
.gitignore gitignore update Feb 27, 2018
.mailmap Add a mailmap file for fixing author anomalies + mapping mail addresses Oct 18, 2016
CHANGES Spelling fixes Jun 27, 2017
COPYING COPYING: Minor grammar fixes Jan 9, 2018
CREDITS Update CREDITS for a change Aug 21, 2018
INSTALL Fix fakechroot wrong URL. Jul 4, 2017
Makefile.am Move macros.debug to test-suite data directory Apr 13, 2018
Makefile.maint Fix "make dist" work out of the box again Nov 4, 2016
README Update community link in README Apr 5, 2017
autogen.sh Just use autoreconf in autogen.sh (ticket #109) Nov 26, 2009
cliutils.c Stop NSPR from messing with our signals May 10, 2017
cliutils.h add short summaries to headers that miss one Jan 28, 2016
configure.ac Add switch to disable systemd-inhibit plugin Feb 26, 2018
debug.h Eliminate debug junk from the API Dec 4, 2007
installplatform RISCV 64-bit (riscv64) support. Aug 22, 2016
macros.in Bring ftp/http documentation up to date, eliminate leftovers (#521) Aug 20, 2018
mkinstalldirs update mkinstalldirs to latest version (2009) Jul 27, 2017
platform.in Provide a way to opt out from Python bytecompilation out side of lib dir May 28, 2018
preinstall.am Move cli verify flags to rpmcli.h where they belong, lose rpmvf.h Nov 13, 2017
rpm.am Bump sonames in preparation of 4.14.x branch Aug 10, 2017
rpm.pc.in Add LMDB backend to RPM Aug 17, 2017
rpm2archive.c Use new RPMVSF_MASK_* constants Jun 5, 2018
rpm2cpio.c Use new RPMVSF_MASK_* constants Jun 5, 2018
rpmbuild.c Split cli verification flags out of qva_flags Nov 14, 2017
rpmdb.c Remove bunch of redundant environ declarations Jun 9, 2017
rpmkeys.c Create transaction set only after initializing rpm itself, oops Jun 19, 2018
rpmpopt.in Add shortcut to --nodebuginfo Aug 20, 2018
rpmqv.c Implement include-filtering for verification too Nov 10, 2017
rpmrc.in rpmrc: Add architecture compatibility mapping between aarch64 and arm64 Feb 19, 2018
rpmsign.c Fix a number of problems in get_fskpass() Jun 9, 2017
rpmspec.c Add --target as global option Apr 4, 2017
system.h Actually test for __progname too Mar 24, 2017


This is RPM, the RPM Package Manager.

The latest releases are always available at:


Additional RPM documentation (papers, slides, HOWTOs) can also be
found at the same site: http://rpm.org.

http://rpm.org/community all rpm releated mailing lists.

RPM was originally written by:

    Erik Troan <ewt@redhat.com>
    Marc Ewing <marc@redhat.com>

See the CREDITS file for a list of folks who have helped us out
tremendously.  RPM is Copyright (c) 1998 by Red Hat Software, Inc.,
and may be distributed under the terms of the GPL and LGPL (see  the
file COPYING for details).