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Mosh for Chrome

Main author: Richard Woodbury (

This is a Mosh client port for the Chrome web browser using Native Client. It is particularly useful with Chrome OS.


You need to build on Linux, and probably Ubuntu Linux. You will also need the Bazel build system installed. Go here to get it. There's a Debian package, so installation is easy; the only caveat is that it requires Java (sorry).

You can build the dev track simply by running:

$ ./ dev

The first time this is run, this will download and build all dependencies (except Bazel, of course). This can take a while, so be patient. Don't expect status updates for a minute or two at a time in some cases. Subsequent builds will be extremely fast; Bazel excels at doing incremental builds.

Don't be alarmed if you see a few warnings. In particular, the linker may complain about duplicated symbols.

If successful, Bazel will output something like this:

Target //:mosh_chrome up-to-date:

That .zip file contains the entire app. To load it into Chrome, unzip it into a directory on your machine, then go to chrome://extensions, enable "Developer mode", and click the "Load unpacked extension button", directing it to said directory. Then the app will be launchable from the app screen and the extensions screen.

To distribute the app, build the release track and upload the .zip file to the Chrome Web Store.

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