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Flowchart demo

This is an example of how to use a Neo4J REST server to provide a flow-based web question and answer application. The examples are based on the kinds of questions that are used to create characters in the Morrowind/Fallout games from Bethesda.

Installing and working with the code

You will need a local instance of the Neo4J server, you can get that from the Neo Technologies site.

Download and unpack the server, then from the root directory just type: bin/neo4j start.

To start the demo app:

  • Clone the github repo: git clone
  • cd flow-web-demo
  • Create a virtualenv locally: virtualenv ve
  • Activate the virtualenv: source ve/bin/activate
  • Install the required libraries: pip install -r requirements.txt
  • Populate the database with the initial flow data: python
  • Start the web app: python

You should now have a graph database with a web console at http://localhost:7474 and a web app at http://localhost:8080.